Two To Review: Paul Play – Tell It To Me, Deb Viva – Baby


It’s coming late and I sincerely apologize for that. Yesterday was just a relax day, and I couldn’t get myself to get off my couch and hop on a computer.

This week we’ll be reviewing track from opposite ends of the spectrum. A veteran in the game, and a new comer. Paul Play & a newbie named Deb Viva.

Lerrus start.

Paul Play – Tell It To Me

I mean Paul Play is a serious father in this music industry, and you can say he’s been a shining example of what we’ll call consistency. So it really shouldn’t come as any surprise that his latest work, Tell It To Me falls in line with the rest of his great songs.

Tell It To Me is what I’ll call mature music. Strictly for the grown and sexy. The mellow tone, Paul Play’s soothing voice, and just the general vibe of the track is one to make you want to put on repeat and sip wine with your wife on a sunday.

It’s obviously not the best we’ve heard from Paul Play, but overall it’s a good track.

Rating: 7.5/10

Listen Here


Deb Viva – Baby ft. Puffy Tee

This was one of those random tracks I heard from our email, and immediately started nodding my head in enjoyment. The newcomer who goes by the name Deb Viva worked with Puffy T on this track titled Baby, and for a debut single it’s pretty good.

The chorus of the song is really catchy, the beat is trendy, but on the down side the verses are not anything to write home about especially from Deb Viva but Puffy Tee’s input made the verses much better. Also the song can come off as pretty generic but that might be the overall aim to get some air play.

Overall it’s a solid song, and I had it on repeat for a little while and can see myself dancing to it at some joint.

Rating: 6/10

Listen Here


That’s all folks. Have a good week. Remember, I do this out of love not hate 🙂


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