Two To Review: Yemi Alade – Johnny + Orezi – Maserati



This week we review new songs from some of the  leaders of the new generation of music in Nigeria. Yemi Alade and Orezi are well on the road to stardom, and are putting in their work to make sure they leave a serious mark in the industry before it’s all said and done.

Yemi Alade – Johnny

Yemi Alade is one of the most talented female RnB artists in Nigeria, and she shows flashes of that in this unofficial leak, Johnny which features productions from Selebobo. Johnny might be just what the doctor ordered at this stage in Yemi Alade’s career as she puts herself into the highlife realm of music and walks into a whole new fan base.

Yemi Alade tells a story of a cheating and lying man, but you’ll be excused if you miss the story while vibing to the infectious melody, and highly groovy beat. However, the originality factor takes a bit of a hit for this song, as it has footprints of StarBoy’s Caro all over it, and that doesn’t go over too well for me.

Nonetheless, it’s a nice tune, and really, when the lights go out and the liquor is flowing in an Enugu bar, the song will feel like a 10/10.

Rating: 7.5/10

Listen Here


Orezi – Maserati

Orezi’s new song Maserati is an interesting combination of all kinds of sounds and it’s hard to pin point exactly how you feel when you listen to it for the first time. On one hand, the melody of Fela’s Shakara in a faster tempo leaves you smiling and nodding your head, but then the hook “I woke up in a new Maserati” leaves you feeling like you’re listening to a cheap imitation of Ace Hood’s hit song, Bugati.

Talented producer, Kid Dominant does wonderfully well to put it all together, and Orezi – save the cheesy hook – works well from a party lyrics stand point to keep the song lively and bubbly throughout with catch phrases and words we all want to hear when we’re happy and partying.

Overall though, the success of this song will depend on the amount of push it gets. It’s not infectious enough to make you go find it after hearing it once, but if you hear it enough times in  random places, it’ll eventually grow on you, and who knows could be addictive. Music is funny like that sometimes.

Rating: 6.5/10

Listen Here



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