Two To Review: Kheengz – Jealousy ft. MI, Sina Rambo – Thank You Lord


Let’s get this Sunday going off right here on It’s been a bit of a break but we’re back with out review column, Two To Review and this week we’ll be reviewing joints from 2 artists that are slowly making a name for themselves in the music industry, Kheengz representing Kaduna and Sina Rambo of the HKN gang.

Let’s get right into it.

Kheengz – Jealousy ft. MI

Kheengz has been on the lips of everyone that has been paying attention to the rap game in Nigeria ever since he dropped his remake of Ice Prince’s Aboki. As the lead single for his mixtape, College Kid, he drops this new joint with MI. Overall it’s a pretty good track.

The beat of the song is not bad even though it could’ve been better on the sound quality, and Kheengz comes in heavy lyrically and you would be tempted to throw in the 9s and 10s, but just like Jay Z in Kanye’s Diamond Forever, MI comes in and shows who’s boss. It’s almost like MI wanted to send a little message. Kheengz is a very promising act and one to really look out for, but you get the feeling he’s not quite there yet, but is definitely on the right track.

Overall the joint does really well and is very capable of jumping into that playlist for the hip-hop heads.

Rating: 7/10

Listen Here


Sina Rambo – Thank You Lord

Sina Rambo has been doing his thing with trying to break into the top crop of acts in Nigeria, but one gets the feeling that it wont happen anytime soon. With the exception of a few bright spots, Sina Rambo just comes off as just not believable in the game.

On this track he switches his style up a little bit, and even though it’s not bad, it’s still the same weak lines from the HKN gang act as we’ve seen numerous times. The beat from Maleek Berry and Shizzi is decent and carries the song pretty well and the hook is decent but unfortunately the verses are pretty forgettable, and dulls the song out.

Overall the song is not really great and not one folks will be clamoring for, and even though some lyrically void tracks do make it big, the beat and hook on this are not strong enough to catapult this into a hit.

Rating: 4/10

Listen Here


  1. All I wann say is much respect to all mainstrea rappers, bt becareful for your retirement day is near for kheengz is a beast !!!


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