Review: P-Square – Bank Alert; An Underwhelming But Familiar Reunion


Yay! We’re all excited that P-Square, after months of “inhouse fighting” and “breaking up”, have reunited and dropped a new single for the fans. And they’ll be dropping a new video shortly also. What’s not to love right? Africa’s biggest duo have put aside their differences, and gone back to what made them popular in the first place.

Ok, the excitement has worn off, and we get to listen to the song with a bit more attentiveness (I think that’s a word). Once I did that, I quickly realized that after a year of running around, they arrived at the same point they left. That’s making subpar music that somehow still ends up catching on.

To be fair to the twins, they’ve never really claimed to be the best musicians when it comes to composition, lyrics or creativity. But you gotta say at this point in their career, you’d expect a bit more. Running with lines like “Iyogogo, Iyogogo, K’anyi je na nke bishop, ma ego adigo” (which is pretty much borrowed from Onyeka Onwenu) is getting more and more played out. It’s even sadder when you realize that’s one of the more exciting parts of the song. The rest of it is the same old generic overused lines you’ve heard before. I mean “my bank alert na gbagam, my cheque no dey bounce”??? Really?

On the flipside, the song will catch on… Funny yea? With P-Square’s brand, the familiar sounding beat, and the basic simplicity of the song, it could end up being popular in the circles that matter when it comes to the money. Weddings, Christmas events, and anywhere else money is sprayed. You gotta love Nigeria.

When it’s all said and done, P-Square fight all year, reunite a quarter before the festive season, with a bang average generic song that they know will still get them calls and bookings. In a weird way, it’s genius.


  1. Shhhh, don’t say that lest you be called a hater.
    As usual, e go catch fire like say na fuel dem take dey cook am, irrespective…
    The video does give it a much better feel though.

  2. This article just smacks of someone that just have to write something or their job will be on the line.
    I really don’t know how bang average musicians will be top of the continent (not just Nigeria ) for years and not be caught out.
    Until you are able to prove to us that people that have drop hit songs back to back for the past ten years or more are average, then your review is just your personal opinion. and who cares about your opinion?


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