REVIEW: Omah Lay’s ‘Understand’: Case of a Failed Hopeless Romantic

Omah Lay
Omah Lay

Have you ever sacrificed so foolishly for the sake of love? Then Omah Lay’s new single, and this review is definitely for you.

Raving Nigerian singer, Omah Lay just dropped his highly anticipated single dubbed “Understand,” and before I paid proper attention to the lyrics, I was hooked to the groove and sound.

A second listen immediately brought a feeling of nostalgia, a feeling I am quite sure a lot of us can relate to. The feeling of being unapologetically used. Sounds familiar right? If not, you’re special (or maybe not.)

While fans and music lovers are currently enjoying his new music, I decided to share a first-listener review.

The Lyrics and the arguments

The song starts with his usual use of metaphors: “You don cut my weave-on and dread ah!” This first line quickly drew my attention, and I immediately knew Omah Lay was going to tell a very relatable story.

“You make the boy sick and you make the boy well ah! Nothing my eye see my mouth e don tell ah,” he sings sorrowfully as he narrates his unfortunate ordeal.

The next line of the song just gave me a sudden rush of pain; a feeling I assumed I had forgotten, and I said to myself “E be like say we plenty wey don collect before.” The line goes, “I enter rain cos I give you umbrella.”

Love makes you do crazy things right? And we never realise how crazy “love” is until it backfires.

“I thought we were in this together, give you my neckless pendant. Give you my last card you spend am. I show you my best friend you friend am,” Omah Lay continued.

These set of lyrics now unearths another angle to his narrative. Have you ever sacrificed so much for someone only for them to tell you, “but you’re like a brother/sister to me?” Have you?

Now there are two sides to this argument. It’s either the girl in question blatantly gave Omah Lay (assuming this is his story) clear signs that she wasn’t interested and he ignored, or it is love gone wrong and the only way to get rid of him is to ‘use’ him.

How else will one explain the fact that she ‘befriended’ his best friend? Maybe we’ll need to hear her own side of the story to get a clearer perspective of their ‘situationship.’

The chorus echoes Omah Lay’s confusion and his inability to explain or comprehend how his act of unwavering sacrifice ended up in futility.

He goes “That thing wey you do me I under under I no fit under under I no fit understand.”

Pain, Regret, Curses

Omah Lay moves from trying to understand his situation to a sudden moment of pain and realization. He begins to reign curses and he goes “thunder fire that your reason eh!”

His moment of regret is short-lived and he goes back to singing “I thought we were in this together, give you my neckless pendant. Give you my last card you spend am. I show you my best friend you friend am.”


I love how relatable his new single is. The fact that he produced it even makes it even more interesting. Proves to a large extent that the guy we all fell in love with during the global lockdown is still fired up for the global scene.


    • Is it possible the first line on “weave and dreads” reflects Samson’s betrayal by Delilah? I think it concludes the lady in question “used him” despite him not having much- gave her the most valuable part of his necklace, gave her his credit/debit card (probably leaving him with nothing, hence him walking in the rain while she uses his umbrella). And the cliché but painful love triangle of her “befriending” his best friend. The video though, shows a more badass sort of story with our protagonist winning.

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