Review: Lucy – Special Driver | This Is Very Far From Special


After all the fuss surrounding the introduction of Paul Okoye’s first female artist Lucy, and the “package” she introduced herself in, the expectations for her debut records were set pretty high. So whenI finally got to listen to the record, I was… well… just read.

Now the song was set on a very familiar likeable dancehall track (See Tempted To Touch by Rupee or Turn Me On by Kevyn Little) to get listeners enjoying from second 1, but that was about as good of a listen as it gets. First things first, the lyrics are really basic and generic (I say this a lot I know) – “Put me for gear one, nobody else you’re the one, you can drive just as you want, all night till I’m done. Put me for gear two…” – that’s the start of the first verse. 

However what’s even more disappointing is the borrowed pieces from different songs to complete the songs. From “push it, push it, some more”, to “oh na, oh na, oh na na”. I mean where the creativity in any aspect of this tune. We’re looking at you Oga Paulo. 

Honestly it reminds me very much of a P-Square song back in 2005/2006. At the time this might’ve been acceptable, but not in 2016. Not with all the progress the music industry has made. If Lucy is going to compete with the likes of Yemi Alade, Tiwa Savage, and Seyi Shay, she’s going to have to go all the way back to the drawing board. This is very very far from anything special.

Will it be danceable because of the beat? Sure… But will this get her buzzing as an artist to watch? Lai Lai.




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