Review: Iyanya & D’Tunes – Nothing Mega


Iyanya and D’Tunes reunited after not working together for a couple of years and released 2 singles, Nothing Mega and Sukumma. In today’s review though, we’ll be hitting up the first of the pair, Nothing Mega.

The first thing that struck me about this tune on first listen was the quality of the beat, and how Iyanya complimented it instantly. It is very evident that even though Iyanya and D’Tunes have done good without each other, they are best with each other. Almost like Snoop and Dre.

Nothing Mega is your classic club tune. It’s really all about the vibe and feel of the song, and the emphasis for a song like this will be on the the beat, and that portion of the song is great. The saxophone and horn inserts is extra pleasing to the ear also. Lyrically it doesn’t sound like a song a designed to have much in way of substance, and that’s fine. In the clubs and parties it wont matter too much.

Overall I see this as the type of song that will get a whole lot of spins in the clubs and bars on the weekends. It’s spining when you’re already all the way turned up, and don’t have a care in the world. Solid stuff.



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