Review: Adekunle Gold – Pick Up | Another Gold Strike


Adekunle Gold struck gold twice this year already with his singles, Sade, and Orente, and was looking to hit the trifecta before the end of 2015, and did just that with the new single, Pick Up.

The first thing that struck me about this song is that it’s lively from the first second. No slow build up, just straight to the enjoyment.
Pick Up conceptually is a simple song; A song asking God to answer prayers for all the wishes we all have. From wife, to the type of success that brings about driving a bentley.

Lyrically the song is simple enough to understand, but still well thought out, and the hook is as catchy as you’ll hear around.

All that was left was for Pheelz to wrap it all up in the nice highlife musical bow, and voila… you have another smoooth tune from Adekunle Gold. The song is yet another gold strike from Adekunle, and if it’s not in your playlist then you’re missing out on some december goodness.



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