Review: 2Baba – Officially Blind | Might Be Blind But The Song See Road


You can say that although 2baba (2face) is a legend in the game, he’s been missing a solid hit for the best part of a year. You know how it is when someone is a legend, you don’t want to write them off quite yet, and for good reason.

In his new single, Officially Blind, 2Baba reaffirmed to many of his fans why he is infact one of the best to ever do it.

Spellz put in the foundation, and 2baba built a solid duplex on it, and made it a home for our ears. Lyrically it’s very sharp, direct, but above all it makes sense. The mixture of pidgin and English ensures that it’ll appeal to pretty every demographic.  In the age of kpangolo lyrics, whine your waist-ers and generically “foodie” love songs, it’s always great to hear someone do something somewhat different. The chorus is catchy, and will stick in the brain of fans long enough to want to hit the repeat button a couple of times.

Overall this is a very nice tune from one of the greats in Nigerian music. It’s definitely not the best in his huge catalog, but it’s still one of the best songs out in 2016. Solid. If it’s not in your playlist then you’re officially blind…and deaf.



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