Power Rangers: Is Teni Fast Becoming An Average Singer?


Barely a week ago Dr Dolor Entertainment finest music star Teni the Entertainer premiered a new single ‘Power Ranger’. The new single follows previous singles like, ‘Party Next Door’, ‘Sugar Mummy’, released this year.

Here is a candid review of Teni’s newest single.

Teni and her producer Jaysynths Beatz have proven to be a formidable team and both have hit songs to show for their partnership. That chemistry was exploited again on her latest song in review. The chubby singer is coming on the heels of a strong outing on Skiibii’s hit ‘Daz How Star Do’.

With the high hopes and expectations placed on Teni, the Dr Dolor Entertainment somehow managed to disappoint on her latest single.

First off, it seems Teni is a little under pressure to find her next hit song after her previous efforts this year haven’t quite hit the mark for a smash record. And somehow she tries to replicate the success of ‘Case’ with ‘Power Rangers’ which backfires in a hurtful way. In her 2018 smash record ‘Case’, fighting for love or going the extra mile for the one you love was a genius narrative to employ on the song. But it fails on this one, partly because the Cinderella story does not fit Teni. For someone who came to fame looking like a tomboy turning a Cinderella or Sunita on us escalated too quickly and was unbefitting. Point here is the entire plot or story behind the song was really a wrong choice to follow through.

Secondly, Teni has been a fine songwriter since her debut, but on ‘Power Rangers’ she wasn’t in her best form as it showed in her lyrics. She was about everything and wasn’t really anything on her latest song. The flow was disjointed. She played with the idea of being soft and hard simultaneously which killed the vibe. She was the beautiful gentle Cinderella and Sunita and the next moment ‘Their mama oh/ Their papa oh/ Tell me, show me where them dey… ’

Teni and her handlers failed with the visual of the ‘Power Rangers’. The visuals took up an Arabic plot where the singer was adorned like an Arabian princess. So she was neither Cinderella, Sunita but a far fetched Arabian royalty in love with the wrong man. Besides riding on the wrong plot, the visual  was very monotonous to watch through.

From being just an Instagram sensation to a full blown Nigerian female music star,  it’s too early too for Teniola to ‘fall hands’. ‘Power Rangers’ sure didn’t portray the talented singer in her best form however, a lesson or two should be learned by her and her team. With her recent singles so far released, the BET Award nominee is just a few inches from the threshold of mediocrity.  

‘Power Rangers’ is just an average song and Teni’s talent is way beyond this quality of music.

Rating: 2.5/5


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