Music Review: Tekno – BE; This Is His Weakest Effort, Just Skip


Beginning on a sad note, ‘your favorite boy’, Tekno is ill, and has since gone to America for treatment for a condition he termed ‘acid reflux’. Well, we all wish him a speedy recovery.

In an attempt not to totally go off our radar, Tekno put out a new material for fans and music lovers worldwide to ‘groove’ to while he is away getting medical treatment and recuperating.

First of all, it’s not a new fact that Tekno uses one-worded mono or bisyllabic titles for his songs ‘Duro’, ‘Wash’, and the most celebrated ‘Pana’. ‘BE’ is just fine but that’s not the problem.  Tekno should never have released that song no matter what!  

This would be the first time Tekno would be working with seasoned producer Sarz.  The production as done by Sarz is minimalist, monotonous and dead on arrival.

A first play of the song is very deceptive, the production starts off as promising.  One would expect something more,  but after the 00:23 seconds mark the production dives into a monotonous lingering baseline and ordinary snare taps.  The percussions and horns introduced subsequently do little to alter the monotony.

Yes, Tekno is known for risible lyrics that both engages and excites listeners. On ‘BE’ Tekno’s lyrics is plain wack. He begins by telling his love interest he want to be her Danfo driver and that he will take her wherever she wishes to go.  We have probably heard this kind of line severally and it has long lost its luster.

The real joke is when you hear Tekno say things like ‘I go be your wizzy baby oh ye ye, I go be your daddy yo, yaga, you go be my mummy yo, star boy’.  ‘Let me be your bangerlee oh oh, I’m D’banj, I go be your scapegoat honey, scapegoat honey. And the pattern continues and suddenly becomes boring.  One thing you’ll learn from this track is that Tekno still holds a crush on Genevieve as he mentions her in the song. Maybe it’s just symbolism.

If you manage to listen to the 3:35 minutes long track and you don’t die of boredom well nothing else will kill you. Tekno’s ‘BE’ is his weakest effort so far. No amount of promo will make this track a chart topper. BE is that track you’ll always love to skip to listen to something else.

Rating: 2/5



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