MUSIC REVIEW: Can “SOMEBODY” Tell Efe BBNaija To Stop Doing Music?


Efe Michael Ejeba better addressed with the mononym EFE was about the most talked about Nigerian youth in the last five months courtesy of reality TV show Big Brother Naija.

For as long as the show lasted his name was on the lips of millions of Nigerian youths and must surprisingly some “elders” who you would have thought had no business watching a reality TV show talk more of BBNaija with all the inanities.

The lucky blessed Warri boy was crowned the winner of the show, walking away with an SUV and some millions of Naira. But most importantly, Efe joined the show with the tag he is a “rapper” and he declared a bigger enthusiasm about pursuing a career in music after the show.

Here we are, Efe is out of the BB Naija house, a rapper chasing another break into the Nigerian music industry.

The Prince of Okpe released a new track “SOMEBODY” in his latest effort to keep the dream of being a recognized Nigerian rapper alive.

Efe hooked up with his longtime producer Duktor Sett on this one as usual. The production on this one is very very average, generic and bland. At least if an uninspired songwriting style and some weak lyrics must be laid on a beat, then the beat must be score an A, – 80% on a scale of 100.

And then goes our ordained Nigerian Youth Ambassador, with his tagline “Is it my fault they call me Efe?” as the beat rolls in. As expected, the song is a love song which narrates the singer’s frustration that all his love interests are already hooked up. “I get e somebody, wey get e somebody, somebody wey like e somebody, somebody somebody somebody”.

“Somebody” draws a little inspiration from Harrysong’s hit “Reggae Blues” simply because of the popular line “even your boo get a boo”. Maybe Efe is trying to relay his agony on the short-lived romance with Marvis of BBNaija on the track. They both exhibited some chemistry while on the show, sadly Marvis confided in the BBNaija winner she had somebody on the outside.

“Finally this one come, she teme she get bobo I concur,/na wetin be dotty for domot, international local and Tom Ford …”.   Damn, that part escalated too fast!

Efe failed to harness good story writing to salvage his song as what looked like a good lyric at first got jumbled up in trying to make a dance-able tune.

Just like the previous releases from Efe, ‘Somebody‘ fails to retain listeners attention and will probably have a lean radio airplay and replay value. To be very honest the Nigerian Youth Ambassador has no business doing music at least not as an artiste for good music sake.

Can “SOMEBODY” tell Efe to stop doing music??? Now. Before it’s too late.





  1. For me EFE has a career in the music industry as he is coming up with his unique style pls let he be oooooooo


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