Made in Lagos, Wizkid FC and the case against Wizkid’s Albums


Yesterday, I was scrolling through the TL on twitter and I found a very interesting tweet. It was a tweet about Wizkid’s albums and I definitely wanted to see how it would end. So I rendered my opinion. I messed up. Wizkid FC is still dragging me as I write this. But then, what happened? Where did it go wrong? Is it just me or some select people agree with the tweet that had this opinion? Well, that’s what I would hope to find out with this article.

The Tweet.

Did I agree with this take?

No, but the first part of the tweet is a VALID QUESTION

While, I answered this question in agreement. I disagree with the second part of the tweet. But that’s not the gist now.

The case here is:

Do people actually sit down and listen to Wizkid’s albums? Or they just pick every two or three that carry his albums and put them on rotation?

It’s like some members of Wizkid FC did not kuku understand the question oh, because the next tweets I started seeing only talked about ESSENCE and its numbers.

Essence is a song off the album and if Wizkid FC mention it as the answer to the questions. Then, they have agreed with the second part of the questions. That they just pick the songs that carry his album and put them in rotation.

In my bid to be correct. I went in and told the captain for the night to understand that the conversation was throwing light to Wizkid’s Albums. And the best way to tackle defensively was to look at it that way. (I didn’t put it like this oh. But this is what I hope I implied.

The next thing them face me. Wahala

But then, the bigger conversation here is; Are Wizkid’s albums ‘no skip albums’?

That’s where everything gets worse.  For all of us. Because, which Nigerian Album in the last 7 years was a ‘no skip album’?

For me a no skip album, is the album I’d listen to on the second listen without skipping. On the first listen, I wouldn’t skip anything because I would want to write the review. By the second listen, I’d know what to skip and what not to.

So back to the point. Which album doesn’t have skips?

After thinking long and hard. I realize that few make the cut. 

But this one makes all the difference because, to Wizkid FC; If 5 songs off 14 tracks can pass the 10 million streams on Spotify Mark then it is a no skip album. 

But if you didn’t skip the songs FC, don’t MIL should have more than 140 million streams on Spotify?

If everybody listened to all the songs on the album. The moment one of those songs hit 10 million streams. All of the songs would have similar statistics.

My conclusion

If anybody tells you that Made in Lagos was a ‘no skip album’. Tell them that the streaming numbers (track by track) should be very similar figures and not what we’re currently seeing. 

But this is not a peculiarity to Big Wiz. 

And his albums are NOT boring. 

Having listened to all the albums, I’d say my best Wizkid song of all time is still Jaiye Jaiye.



  1. Your article is awesome. I am really impressed with this article. The way you presented is both simple and easy to understand is also an impressive thing for me


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