Review: Adekunle Gold – The Gold Album; Nothing but GOLD


Gold is considered to be the color of success and triumph. It is associated with abundance, value and elegance. The psychology of this color implies affluence, material wealth and extravagance. Simply put, Gold is beautiful (a known fact)and Mr Gold has been able to channel his creativity into a golden album.

Sade was the Tip of the iceberg, Orente took people back to their seats waiting for what he is really up to, Pick up turned critics and fans to Oliver Twist, wanting more. Adekunle set the bar high and his next moves were being questioned, but I’ll tell you one thing; it’s nothing but Gold.

He has mastered the art of channeling his story into a beautiful piece of art, and the Gold album narrates his journey to stardom. Cementing his name in the history of Nigerian music, Adekunle has dropped one of the best albums of our time, generations to come will appreciate this beautiful work of art.

The Gold album starts off with a beautiful intro, a short narrative of his journey to stardom, how the name was coined and challenges he faced before he got here. A beautiful intro, it gives you an idea of where he is heading to in the album.

“You don’t know my story, he lifted me up and set me up on a hill, but I will not shrink to fill your expectations”

Shutting up his critics, he continues with the second track to give us Life literally. This was specifically targeted at the non-believers, the haters, even if you are of one the people he’s referring to, when you hear the beat I bet you will forget who is on the track first listen. A typical Owambe track I must say.

“Come away with me My Love, the place lovers go, Come Away with me, it’s a beautiful night”

Picturing a perfect moment by the beach side sipping wine watching the waves, playing beautiful night in the background. How do You feel, beautiful right ? yeah i think so too. Dekunle appreciates nature on this sweet melody,a beautiful love song.

Love, appreciate, and adore your woman. Ebami Ki Orente, (give praises to my woman) He appreciates her for staying even though he has nothing. Through thick and thin, Orente is there to support. Another beautiful piece, I know this is most people’s favorite song. Lovely

I’ve tried, everything everything to forget this feeling, i’ve been bleeding bleeding. I need healing

The Talking drums, the flutes just make the whole track beautiful,It is calming to the soul. You can feel his pain through the song. I want to believe she broke up with him at this point, and it became hard for him to move on. It is to move on, and Dekunle needs a nurse to make him forget his woes. Someone should get him “Nurse Alabere” I bet if she is found, she would dance to this as she makes her entrance 🙂

A good storyteller who can never do no wrong on a song, Dekunle pours his heart out on the struggle of a Nigerian man when he desperately wants her, but she refers to him as “Brother”. A common thing amongst most women. We all can relate to this song, there is that one girl you want but she already friend-zoned you, it hurts.

Love is beautiful, it’s like being in paradise….

When you are lost in the sauce, you can do nothing about it. Seems like Mr gold is lost in the sauce, he is lost in Paradise and he’s going no where. A beautiful way to express the love he has for his woman.It’s beautiful to see a man adore his woman, you can feel the happiness through the songs even though you are not in love;you’d want that feeling.

It’s a blessing having these two beautiful vocalists on one song especially when they are both good story tellers, it’s beautiful. We can’t deny the great chemistry between Simi and Adekunle Gold, but they have created a masterpiece. I can’t stop playing

No Forget o, Ma She Ggbagbe Bi’atin Babo” (Don’t forget how far we have come)

Dekunle tells his story of a young man who has nothing to take care of his lady at the moment, and he knows that her mother does not like him due to his financial situation. As a result,He decides to go in search for greener pastures, painfully leaving his lover behind. He then informed her about his decision to go and find bread so he will be able to take care of her. Even though it’s a tough decision for both, there is nothing that can be done. She reminded him of the love they have shared, the memories; he shouldn’t forget what he left behind.

If you ask me, this is a classic.

Every good thing needs prayers they say. After leaving his woman behind to look for green pastures he needs prayers for support. I mean, who doesn’t like good things?? He prays for good things. The ones living the good life don’t have two heads. Baba God Pick Up everyone’s favorite anthem.

Stop living fake Lives, Ororo no be Crude Oil, cut your coat to fit your body

Prayer without work is dead. Dekunle gives a reminder to the lazy ones out there that are living fake lives, lazy but want to live the good life. If you don’t hustle, you can’t enjoy nice things and also be contented with the things you have. A lovely message for everyone.

Here he portrays the perfect guy, another interesting story about his soldier wife who is away but his wife is throwing advances athim which he is refusing the temptation. He crafts P-Square’s popular song temptation for his audience to get his point. A soldier’s wife, would you?

I think this man is comfortable on any beat, on this he calmly talks to his peers. Empty barrels make the loudest noise, good music shouldn’t harbor unnecessary noise. Stay humble, stop making noise and make good music. “Ariwo ko“. when you are so sure of your craft, great production on this one.

He dashes back into reality talking about his woman once again, women appreciate men that can go above and beyond,fight for them As a man,its the best you can do.If you can’t fight for your lady, i don’t see the point of being with her.Love also comes with Protection, he wants to fight for her in any situation. This guy na correct lover boy, it’s lovely

O’baby Je’n Ja Fun E (Let me Fight For You)

Ready is that one song you can’t stop playing since he released months back, the song is everything and I don’t need to say much, you know it’s Gold.

Dekunle left his comfort zone and went eastern on this one. Not forgetting his eastern fans, here is something for them to dance to;everyone can dance to this. Sweet me is sweet, literally. It is beautifully laced by masterkraft.

When you take time to spawn your work, the outcome is great. Just like this debut,it is gold in all areas.The flutes, percussion, talking drums, and great production from various amazing producers like Pheelz, Masterkraft, Seyi Keyz and others makes this 16 LP outstanding. In Falz’s Voice, “Soft work

The Gold Album is Nothing but Gold, a complete 10 for me. Have a nice day 🙂


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