EP Review: Ice Prince “C.O.L.D EP” Shows He’s Just A Cool Rapper


AlbumC.O.L.D EP
Artiste – Ice Prince
Features – Jethrofaded, Remy Baggins, Patrickxxlee, Straffitti, Kay Switch.
Record Label – Super Cool Cats (2018)
Duration – 8 Tracks, (29 Minutes).

Since his official exit from Chocolate City, it has been a low key ride for one of Nigeria’s biggest rapper Ice Prince. It’s doesn’t look quite like it, but Henry Panshak Zamani better known by his stage Ice Prince has come a long way as an artist. He may not be ever referred to as a G.O.A.T but the “Oleku” crooner has had his glowing moments on the music landscape. One yardstick to judge an artist is always via his body of work and the Jos breed rapper has quite a handful. From his debut “Everybody Loves Ice Prince”, “Fire Of Zamani”, “Trash Can EP”,  “Jos To The World” to his latest effort the “C.O.L.D EP”.  

The “C.O.L.D EP” comes in about two years after “JTTW” proves that the Super Cool Cats honcho is still putting in the much desired work even though the demand for his music hits a decline.

Ice Prince ventures to make a project reminiscent on his name ‘ICE’ the coolest rapper around this clime. According to him “C.O.L.D EP” was ‘created in the lowest of degrees and the highest of pressures’.  

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The EP opens with a massive track “Shut Down” which makes for a good opener. The production hook and verses here is made to give you a feel of some real hip hop sh*t. Without much effort you’ll easily vibe to this tune. However, Ice Prince manages to mess it up with a weak as line that goes thus; ‘I’m the shit and you’re the poo poo’. Don’t let that ruin the vibe.  

Things get even better on “Space Funk” a track which features Remy Baggins who also doubles as the record producer. It’s a typical retro & disco type song with the sole purpose of inspiring a dance. By dance something reminiscent of Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars or The Weeknd’s Star Boy not ‘shaku shaku’.

Trap music is in vogue right now even in Nigeria hence Ice Prince serves a trap cut “Hit Me Up” on the EP. It was served earlier as a lead single, PatrickXXlee & Straffitti bring the ad libs and chants that dignifies trap. It’s a song about moving from empty pockets to having deep pockets.

The energy drops considerably on track 4 “Die For Your Love”. Ice shares all the fancies he wants to fulfill with his baby girl. 

“Tour 254” is all about dealing with groupies and sexual advances while on tour. He shares tales with his favorite groupie girl and how he doesn’t seem to remember all that went down in the tour bus.

Puff puff pass, Ice takes a hit and passes freely to KaySwitch. “So High” details a feel good moment with Mary Jane. KaySwitch brings a ragga vibe to the EP.

“Watching You”, is the 7th track and the energy continues to dwindle, but that not the only problem. Ice Prince rapped ‘twinkle twinkle little star, omo I dey wonder what you are…’ At this point you begin to doubt Ice Prince talent all over again.

“Las Gidi No. 1 Chic” brings the EP to a conclusion. Here goes the tale of the baddest chic Ice has seen, she seems elusive but he wants her nevertheless.

Overall, the project can be separated into two parts – high energy phase and mellow energy level. Tracks 1-3 represents the high energy while the rest of the EP harbours a mellow feel. The chemistry between Ice Prince and Remy Baggins is commendable as he produced the best tracks on the EP, Shut Down, Space Funk, Tour 254 and co-producing Hit Me Up.

For those expecting Ice Prince to go hard or spit literal fire, sorry to say it might never happen. But the rapper cum singer can be very impressive on some dope beats. Yet again, Ice Prince shows he is more about making some cool music not being called ‘the greatest rapper alive’.  It is in those moments he makes his best works like Oleku, Superstar, Aboki, Whiskey etc.

Rating: 2.5/5


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