Cynthia Morgan’s Baby Mama Video Is Straight Trash; Here’s 5 Reasons Why


We at Jaguda try to be positive most times. We hear and see a lot of crap music and videos, and just keep unlooking. You know… let it not be like we are trouble makers, but every so often we’re inspired beyond the regular unlooking mode by some straight hot a$$ garbage we see, and this is one of those times.

First off, let me just say that I respect Cynthia Morgan. She’s done good for herself, and that’s commendable. Her song German Juice made it to our top 50 songs of 2015 deservedly, so this is not a jibe at her personally.

However, this new video she just put out is nothing short of straight trash. From the first minute to the last, it’s hard to pick out something you can say is note worthy after watching it. Between her and Clarence Peters, they dropped the ball on epic proportions. Here’s 5 reasons why this video should be redone or erased from Nigerian music history.

11. Terrible Costumes

I’m not exactly sure who picked out the costumes for the video, or better yet, who approved it, but it’s all over the place, and looks flat out ugly. Colors everywhere, cheap looking outfits, and…

22. Those Freaking Wigs

I could barely concentrate on anything going on because the colors of the wigs were just confusing me. And to make it worse, the wigs looked so basic, and urgh. Even bend down select would have much better than what’s in here.

33. Cheap

Everything about the video looks cheap. There are things that stylist use that are cheap but don’t scream “I’m cheap”. How about those? I get the whole “ghetto” idea, but common come on son, we’ve seen “ghetto” idea videos executed much better than this. Clarence you sef behave. I’m sure even the lens of camera was cheap.

44. Choreography Was Off

Imagine a bag of skittles spilled out, transformed to humans, and started dancing all over the place like random molecules bouncing off each other.  That’s what I imagined in my head while watching this rainbow coalition choreography fail. Are we twerking? whining winding? What is going on? Parachute? Freestyling?

Even when the guys joined in, it was just all over the place. Did they practice?

55. No Sense Of Direction


Finally after watching 4 mins of this, I think I was left more confused than being a house of mirrors. It’s hard to tell what the video is about? Is it about a baby mama? baby daddy? do you want one? what’s with the hummer? Does that belong to the baby mama? Are they twerking because they don’t want to be baby mamas? Or they want husbands? I’m just confused.

Like I said earlier. No beef Cythia Morgan and/or Clarence Peters but this is probably the worst video you guys have put out. I get the ghetto theme, but it just failed woefully. Da Grin’s Pon Pon Pon, Phyno’s Connect had similar backdrops and still came out great.

We need to stop some of this madness, and get it together. Peace.


  1. Great review. Now I know not to watch the video. As the self-pointed grammar police, I just wanted to point two things out: “common son” should be “come on, son” or “c’mon, son” & “whining” should be “winding”. Or were the girls crying in the video which is what whining means. Thanks for letting me annoy you but educate you 🙂

    • I think I appreciate you saying it’s a good review more than correcting my Grammer :). Changes made so thanks for that too

  2. jaguda this what u do on ur website? hmmmm too bad…
    abi u don ask her for money she nor give u, den u begin talk nonsense.
    you really didn’t make sense, all you said about Cynthia was rubbish. go look for something better to do with ur time.


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