Burna Boy, Patoranking Sing About Money From The Rich & Poor Perspective


About a week ago elite singers Burna Boy and Patoranking amongst other Nigerian artistes unleashed new singles and videos. Most likely many an artiste was waiting for the presidential and National Assembly election to pass away before returning to doing regular music.

From the lot of records released last week, Burna Boy’s ‘Dangote’ and Patoranking’s ‘Confirm’ stood out from the heap and would be reviewed accordingly. The two singles share a common theme about them, the main subject being about money.

Many folks like myself sat in patience awaiting a debut tune from Burna Boy in 2019, after what would be the best run in his music career last year. Just before the wait became unbearable Oluwaburna stroke with a super chill mid-tempo jam ‘Dangote’. The tune is titled after Africa’s richest black man Alhaji Aliko Dangote. The Kano born business mogul has been used generously in several Nigerian songs when money and wealth are measured.

Burna Boy – Dangote Video

However, Burna Boy’s use of ‘Dangote’ was different from what we have previously heard, he took another angle to the richest black man’s persona in a reflective and nugget-packed record. The first few lines of the tune justifies and summaries the essence. ‘Dangote Dangote
Dangote still dey find money o.’ The mood and vibe ain’t for popping bottles of expensive wine or throwing money in the air, it is a checkmate on your excuses on why you shouldn’t go out and hustle. It simply says stay sharp, and stay scheming. There was no better time for SoundCity MVP ‘artiste of the year’ 2018 to unleashed his song than now. Dangote’s rise on Forbes ranking and Nigeria’s level of unemployment shows why it’s necessary as it preaches keeping the hustle tight.  

Again Burna Boy showed the beautiful synergy and chemistry with music producer Kel P. The lyrics which are in pidgin English and Yoruba are rich in content and inspiring. Dangote might not be exactly the vibe fans of Burna Boy’s music might have expected but it’s a remarkable track nonetheless. Maybe time would prove it a hit.

Patoranking – Cormfirm Video

On the flip side is Patoranking’s ‘Confirm’ featuring Davido an energetic and uptempo record with a celebratory feel about it. This is one of those ‘counting my blessings’ track with braggadocious claims about having ‘long’ money. The money theme does not change but there are two different perspectives about the subject as seen in ‘Dangote’ and ‘Confirm’.

For Patoranking, this song is important as he hopes to make a big hit that brings him into the rankings again as he has been out of touch with his core Nigerian fans with his previous releases. He goes into making something familiar and easily likeable.

As Wilmer the album is in view, this tune should resurrect major interest in the artiste and his upcoming project.

The choice of Davido as a guest feature was spot on as he is the king when it comes to singing about money around this clime. His verse brings the necessary excitement when listening to Pato became monotonous. Based on the celebratory vibe about this track folks should find it easy to put it on replay.

However, when placing both songs side by side, ‘Dangote’ feels like a hustlers’ perspective on money while ‘Confirm’ is sang from a baller’s perspective. Burna Boy’s jam is that track you listen just before to get to work just to get into the mood and right mindset while Patoranking’s is apt after conquering the day and meeting targets then you bump to it as you get back home with a smile of fulfilment on your face.


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