Album Review: Mayorkun is Back in Office with a Decentralized Energy


On the artistic journey of ‘Back In Office‘ by Mayorkun, he is personal sometimes, other times he becomes a voice speaking freedom on behalf of Africans. He is no more a newcomer like the promising star he was in 2018 during the release of his debut album, “Mayor of Lagos.” However, this is his ability to control and test his star power, as well as fully securing his place as one of the greatest Nigerian pop stars.

Back In Office is like a decentralized energy Mayorkun infuses, telling a range of correlating stories that a close listener could link back to his unofficial exit from DMW.

Mayorkun newly signed a record deal with Columbia Records UK. The deal was announced after the release of the project on Friday 29th October 2021. Even as the sophomore project also has distribution affiliations with Sony Music West Africa, his demeanour and other consistent artistic dealings have to gravitate towards appealing and connecting his art to a range of audiences beyond the Nigerian music soundscape.

Sincerely, after now for the sake of his consistency plus ultra levelled up delivery on the project, it has met everyone’s expectations genuinely. It was super creatively orchestrated from the songwriting to each track’s sequencing, the record production, and A&R’s ultimate contribution, which was victorious enough as this could be one of the best and most remarkable Nigerian pop albums in 2021.

While Mayorkun’s effort on ‘Feel’ particularly honoured a couple of the Igbo’s most respected men, the likes of Chief Ugo C Ugo, notable Nigerian Actor Zubby Micheal, alongside the popular Jowizaza, whom he coined a golden lyrics playfully asking if he should send his Aza across hoping to pick up a package in his bank account. Nevertheless, a host of other wealthy Igbo people were mentioned alongside as they were given respect accordingly. Moreover, Flavour’s input was worthful as it returns to preserving his cultural taste in the long run. Mayorkun delivered.

Meanwhile, the first record from this album titled, ‘Soldier Boy’, could become a hot take for the local movie sets, as directors and producers should take note carefully. The track renders a force that could give meaning to an average Nigerian movie, from the structure of the record to the lyrics and delicate pop mashed instrumentation, which would offer a movie true quality.

Mayorkun was being personal as he reflects on his beginnings and gives one a comfortable position as he unveils the story of his life and refers to himself as a ‘Soldier Boy’ who has a more promising and brighter future in the Nigerian music landscape. Joeboy’s take alongside The Mayor Of Lagos was splendid and fanciful.

The chemistry of ‘No Strings Attached’ reminded me of Joeboy’s ‘Don’t Call Me Back’ which had Mayorkun’s input as well, it was sharp as much as this one for the victorious Back In Office. Victony’s effort also on ‘Holy Father’ was strong and staked more effect and replay value than every other track on the album. Although appeal and high replay worth don’t lack on this album.

Gyakie is special and she proved to a great extent on ‘Desire’, the chemistry properly fitted and structured. ‘Let Me Know’ and ‘Freedom’ were also good, including the lovely Amapiano ‘Nakupenda’. Regardless, Freedom was where Mayorkun lent his voice to become a weapon preaching Freedom like Safrina to the South Africans. well, the freedom also became pertinent to his life and carried elements that a close listener could correlate to his unofficial dismiss from Davido’s Music Worldwide.

While on ‘Back In Office’, the second track, he immersed respect back to the goons in the game despite taking his place and professed he is back in office. ‘Piece Of Me’ draws inspiration from the popular Mavin Records queen, Di’ja’s 2014 ‘Awww’, as it was great. Indeed, ‘Oluwa’ is the end of the album. He claims to become a living testimony and tells his detractors to disappear because he has God for himself. Mayorkun has been through a lot and this album is laid on his decentralized thoughts as one of the biggest Nigerian popstars ever amongst his equals, standing tall. Although, the delivery of Back In Office is ultra plated and serves The Mayor right. Because this project conveys his topographic level of creative growth after 3years of being The Mayor Of Lagos to date.


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