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First of all, i don’t write reviews except it’s really worth it. Davido’s album was very much-anticipated, and before it dropped, a few tracks leaked which made his fans skeptical about his freshman album. I was one of the few people who got the album before it got on the streets.
Not a strong fan of Davido,but after listening to the album ,i became a fan. It’s not an easy job to release an album for him to be criticized, i guess he knew his album would be criticized that’s way most of his lyrics talks about you folks. (His Haters)

I know many you would say the album is wack,or not up to standard like our regular artistes. I think it will be fair to look on the brighter side that he just released his first ever album. Wizkid got many criticism when he dropped his album “Superstar” I guess many folks expected more from this album. More collaborations, more hits and the Dami-duro type of music.

The Only Thing i don’t like about this album is it’s lyrical arrogant content, he talks about Money ,Girls, and some irrelevant things that a 19-year old kid shouldn’t be saying on track. I guess we are in the mordern day type of music, like davido said, “New skool Things”

Before i go to my track by track breakdown, i will say O.B.O is a pretty good album for Davido to start with his career. It’s an album you should listen to more often,and it will grow on you.


1. All of You – Good way to start the album, though i expected a good entrance . The track pretty much talked about his haters, he is bigger than all of his haters. He recognized the Likes of 2face,NPZ and many others. He actually appreciated his fans, without them he won’t bigger than all of you {Haters).Catchy beat from Gospelz – 6.5/10

2. Back When Ft Naeto C – You should be familiar with this track, his first official track after many features. One thing about this song,the beat. He featured Naeto C on the track to give us a mature track. 9.5/10

3. New Skul Tinz Ft Shina Rambo & B-Red– I really think if Davido would have done this track alone,it would have been better. His two cousins made the track un-professional. B-Red giving a fair hook,and Shina rambo was rapping like he was forced to. We all know he is wack,but he really tried on the track fair enough. I think D’prince was criticized about his lyrics on Wizkid’s wadup and after a while it grew on a lot of people. Like they said, New skool things, the Genre of music they coined . This track will grow on you. 6/10

4. VIDEO – I actually like the beat, and the entrance. The song basically talked about his rich wayward and arrogant lifestyle. Some lyrics did not fit into the song, basically sounds like a freestyle, Like they call it. 5/10

5. Ekuro – Okay One thing about this track i Love is the beat ,and the lyrics. It’s a perfect wedding or valentine song, this is one of my favourite track on the album. Davido brought out his mature minded person to give a solid track. Well cooked. 8/10

6. DOWN – The entrance sounds Like a Primary school national anthem beat which will take you off track. The track made sense, nice lyrics from davido. 6/10

7. NO VISA Shina Rambo – This Track was meant for Wizkid Not Sina Rambo. Shina Rambo made the track useless, his wackness dominated the entire track and made it horrible. Davido should have wiped his part and sing alone. Nice track though. 5/10

8. Enter The Center Ft B.Red – I think will be a better singer, but this track is HORRIBLE. The only thing special about the song is the beat,besides that;it’s completely useless. 4/10

9. Dollar In The Bank Ft Kay.Switch – No one could have done it better except Kay.Switch. The beat was for him. Everything about this song is beautiful. The lyrics, the hook, the beat and of course his part. Another favorite track on the album. 8.5/10

10. Sade – I will give this to davido, he tried to give us a new style by telling a story about his girlfriend who left Him.Crying his heart out for her to come back after she left. The lyrical content of this track made sense,and Davido’s rap though lol . I think Phenom or skales would have been better if he featured one of them or some better rapper. Good track though. 7/10

11. GBON GBON – The only that made this track sensible,the beat. DJ’s will scratch this in clubs and you will dance to it. 6/10

12. Feel Alright Ft IcePrince – I never imagined Davido singing to this style of music.Feel alright is another Lovely track, Good Beat, and IcePrince killed his Part. A lovely track, meant for old folks though. Feel Alright, good beat from Dr Frabz. 7/10

13. Mary Jane – Jay sleek gives one of the best beats. The beat saved this track, without that it’s pretty useless. 6/10

14. For You Ft 2face – You Can’t have 2face on your track,and it won’t be beautiful. Davido had to sing on 2baba’s type of music to make it professional. I think Without 2face on this track, it will be trash. A very matured track right here 7.5/10

15. Overseas Ft Sina Rambo – Sina Rambo making all songs wack, which breaks my heart. I think a good rapper would have done it better. Shina rambo’s verse, in one word USELESS. The beat always saving him though, nice track. 6.5/10

16. Dami-Duro And then, one of the biggest track ever made. We all know this song gave him the fame, his second single and Boom he was sitting at the top getting all the endorsements. The Beat, crazy. Dj’s play the instrumental and people go wild. It pretty much Gave birth to this album, solid track. 10/10

17. Bless Me Ft MayD – A perfect and solid track to end the album. He looked back to see where the journey started, never thought he would make an album. Oluwa really blessed him. Mr MayD gave it a Perfect hook. Good way to end the album. Forward ever. 9/10

I was kinda bummed the album had 17 tracks, i wanted more. O.B.O is a very lovely album. Well arranged, and composed for a first album. I think his sophomore album would be more mature. A lot of you Guys expected more and was mad he did not give you the type of music you wanted. O.B.O will definitely grow on you.

In General, he gave us Lovely tracks, and great productions from our favorite producers. Doffs hat to the 19-year old kid.

Have a Good One, i will be back reviewing Olamide’s sophomore album. Bless.

Overall Rating7/10

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  1. Well….Ayo or whatever ur name is, just listen 2 urself…when u review an album and more than half of the tracks said “the beat made this” and on the same track u still give a rating of about 6 or 7 / 10, then you should be nowhere near the music industry (because obviously you lack the ears for good music), talk more of you reviewing an album…probably you need a favour from the dude cos I take this to be Ass kissing. Pls do ursef and d readers a big favour, don’t review music again…thank you.

  2. i am absolutely disappointed in jaguda for putting sh*t like this up. First how do you give 8 to an album that you rated 3/4 of the songs btw 4 and 7?

    the beat made this is all you kept saying, if thats the case we can as well give kudos to the producers alone. Afterall davido made just 1 beat from the album.

    even all ur individual ratings dont add up to 8. dude please this is an embarassment to your website and music as a whole. In order to be a music critic, you can’t be an ass kisser. because it seems to me you are doing this for a follow back on twitter or something. S M H

  3. one thing is sure, you must be looking for favors from HKN for you to write something like this. this is a pure disappointment. how much did davido and his crew pay you people to write this?

  4. The reviewer is taking the piss right?! the album is poor bar all the songs he already released. Even the tuface joint is poor to me.

  5. ItsjustAyo = its Ayo alone On this review ok! 🙁 But wait oo, Davido tried been his first album. E no easy to blow jor

  6. What can i say. The album is ok so far being his debut. Y’all dont xpect all d trax 2 b lyk dami duro. I mean y’all shuld giv d guy space jhoor, e no easy. He’s gat wat i call d 3 golden Fs[fame, fortune & females], so all u hataz go sleep jhoor. Mr reviewer nice job sha.

  7. I’m highly disappointed in for this humiliating,ass-kissing review…If u want something from Davido,y not ask d dude in person…Or better still,get his number or something…U don’t have to tell d whole world that u kiss asses for a living…*smh.

  8. I think davido should be given, kudos plus rated with d fact that its his debut album and still new at this…and better for him if e stops featuring that rambo of a guy.Nice review for me if the albums cost ten grand I’ll still get it

  9. Useless Boy!! You try sha!! But dis is my second comment for dis o.b.o album,why not e.m.e(you dnt even use ur age mate guys,we shuld know ur talent)BUT LET ME GIVE U GUYS A SECRET…WHY DAVIDO DID NT FEATURED THE E.M.E IS BECUZ OF NT SAYING MY WIZKID IS BETA DAN HIM….BASTARD BOY!!! AND I WANNA SEE MAYBE O.B.O WILL BE THE BEST FOR DIS YEAR…AMA DONE

  10. I’m greatly disappointed that could put this up.The review is clearly ass kissing.The thing is..He didn’t have to tell d whole world that he kisses asses for a living..*smh

  11. you rated dami duro 10/10?? are you sure you know anything about music?

    How can you rate a freestyle track with no lyrical content at alllll 10/10? This shows u know nothing about music at all

    • Yeah I rated Dam-Duro, It’s obvious that lacks content,but it’s the biggest song at the moment. Even Iyanya’s Kukere can’t beat Dami-duro. I bet If it’s being played at the club, you will dance.

  12. And Lastly This review is no Ass-Kissing, I wrote how i felt about the album. Like what were you people expecting from davido? He did Good as a new-comer album,deal with it or don’t read. Thanks.

  13. The album O.B.O is totally not up to standard.. Non of the songs above will leave the walls of Nigeria. HE CAN DO BETTER!!! PERIOD! I see no Ass Kissing tho.

  14. Sina Rambo is still a kid i guess. when i was 17 my rhymes were weak but not wack. i guess nobody helped sina neither Davido out with the rhymes: which creates a comfortable and balanced room for critisism. as Sina Rambo grows so shall his rhymes. O.B.O is a satisfactory
    album from a 19 year old boy who
    succumbs to the thinking of most teenagers
    – money can solve anything.

  15. Why did you kept mentioning Phenom on every individual review? You completely wrote-off Shina Rambo on all the verses he took calling him wack! It is unprofessional no sense of social responsibility displayed in the article at all… Wack, Useless, Trash ahan kilode? Besides you rated it 8/10 then what is the role of trash,wack and useless?

  16. I am surprised at your reviews mhen!!! for whatsoever it takes you don’t call an artwork useless, how!!!???

    Fella, this is not fair!, it is like saying is one of the crappiest blog here online and I have reasons to knock you for that, cos ve seen 14 yrs old boy blog better of than what you have here now.

    I think you need to be more professional, pls tell us who are your regular artistes in naija that has matured albums.
    I’m not mad at you for your opinion but pls dn’t insult artworks anymore.


  17. Shout out to all the niggas who said the album was Gud!!! Thank you all….
    And for the rest if na hate, na beef make una go chop stone!!!!!!!
    $$DAVIDO- OBO$$ is a bomb!!!!!
    SMALL SMALL UNA GO LIKE AM VERY SOON…. Abeg make I rate the album …….9/10

  18. Am dissapointed u culd call sum1 else artwork wack!!! Wic albun in 9ja is proffesional?? Even d great 2face n dbanj were all wack on der 1st albums so y r u cryin abt davido? U r her hatin while d guy is makin money nw who is wack!? Mtchew!! Smh

  19. Why una dey yap the OP?? Davido is a very talented kid, mature beyond his years with an ear for a good beat

  20. i wonder the kind of music this writer listen too, it must be chris brown or neyo or even drake, give me a break, this is a young guy doing what some loud names in the industry where unable to do at his age.obo is a product of Nigeria’s contemporary sound and a throw back too Nigeria golden era. this kid has promise, he is better than some of the noise makers we have around. i have the obo album banging in my stereo. let just put it like this one man food is another man poison, brother please loving the obo album , and speaking about no visa , shina rambo did a good job, on mary jane, j sleek did not only make a nice beat, davido kill it with the melody he brought to use, i think i should do my own review on this album, i score davido 8 over ten

  21. Davido Should Take It Eazy Wit D Way He Brags
    B/c He Is Not Tallented Even A Bit
    Where He Is Today Is B/c
    Of His Papa Money
    I Gav Ds Albom 4/10

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