Album Review :Brymo -The. Son. Of. A. Kapenta


I didn’t need to listen to this album to change my thoughts about Brymo. You know that feeling when you don’t have to skip a track? That’s what Son of Kapenta is all about. What a Great album and major props to Brymo for doing serious justice to his sophomore album.

I bet I’m not the only one that felt that there should have been more tracks, but as they say “quality over quantity.” With what the Son of a Kapenta is about, I’ll take the tracks as is.


1. 1986 There is nothing more amazing than starting off your album dedicating it to your mother. I have heard songs dedicated to mothers, but 1986 is very different.I love how he explained his childhood from birth till he became a Man. He appreciates his mother for her unconditional love for him, and he appreciates her for the pain she went through to give birth to him; apparently he came out through a C-section. “Because You Suffered, that’s why I’m standing right here, your fear, your tear, that year, 1986”

I think most people can relate this song to their mothers, maybe I’m the only one. This track is everything,production is perfect. 10/10

2. Akara You would think the next track will be dedicated to his father right? Yeah I thought so too. Brymo goes in on how he tries toasting an akara girl, said to be beautiful. Wooing her to give everything he has and make her his queen. “I know you fine, but I go make you fly. You no go fit love another just try” Lovely track 9/10

3. Ara Greatness speaks in this track, and bagging awards here and there even before the album dropped. Ara gave us a piece of Brymo’s ability, and there is no way you won’t dance to this song even if you don’t understand anything he’s saying. Beautiful song 9/10

4. Go Hard The last single he dropped before the album release. Most people didn’t really like this track as much as they love Ara and Good Morning. That’s where the suspense started like what will his album be like? Will it flop? I had the same uncertain feelings too. Go hard is a lovely joint tho. perfect beat. 8/10

5. Good Morning  I’m sure there are guys out there that have used this track to get babes or put a smile on their faces. I’m sure there are guys who will invite brymo to sing this particular song to their fiancée. The perfect love song, and there is rarely a woman who will say they don’t like this song. 10/10

6. Life is too Short Every successful person has haters. Life is too short to worry about haters, live your life. That’s pretty much the gist of this song. “If them dey vex, make them chop stone, I no dey bother me i just dey go.” It’s obvious he could care-less about haters. A good way to address people who do not like you. We all can relate to this track. 9/10

7. If You Were Mine Ladies, there is no way you can’t fall for the song. I like how Brymo used his Ibadan accent, and makes the song even sweeter. Everything about this song is just amazing. 10/10

8. Omoge Campus – Another lovely track dedicated to women, most especially campus girls. He is toasting them again as usual. I’m pretty sure Brymo will marry more than one wife because his love for women is huge. He continues giving us toasting lines we can use till tomorrow. Lovely song. 9/10

9. Your Love – I would like to know who produced this track. I am pretty sure it’s Jesse Jagz. The beat gets you dancing even before he starts singing. Brymo goes smooth on this track, you could feel the techno. 8/10

10. Now Now ft Jesse Jagz: Brymo gives an interesting tune explaining how life is good to him. Accompanied by his fellow chocolate city artiste, they did justice to the song. It would have been good if It was M.I that was on this track. I’m not saying Jesse did not deliver the way we expected, I just feel the beat was for M.I to deliver. We can’t have everything can we? 8.5/10

11. Chocolate ft M.I, IcePrince, Pryse, Jesse Jagz: Props to Kid-Konnect on the production on this one. He gave them a hot beat they can all flow on. The whole chocolate city crew did just justice to the track. Pryse, MI, Ice & Jesse all delivered heavily. I like M.I’s entrance using his Hausa language. 9/10

12. See Me This track is probably the most played song on my iTunes at the moment. I see this song bagging awards later on, and I hope they have a good concept when shooting the video to this song. First let’s hope they’ll shoot a video. Everything about the song though is just beautiful. I love it. 10/10


Words Can’t describe how I love this album. It feels Like this is his freshman album. Let’s just act it is. Props to Brymo for giving us one of the best album(s) this year. The Production were perfect. Big Shout-out for every-one who made the album, and most especially chocolate city for a well packaged album.

Overall Rating – 9.5/10

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  1. Yeah i love brymo and also choc city, make haters go chop stone; best album of 2012. Please why una no do review for d’prince album? But to me that frenzy of an album na flop.

  2. well, d album is great, bt not upto dat rate. He tried a lot sha, 7.5/10. Frenzyna disgrace, f**k Mavin mumu’s.

  3. This is a wonderful album. I just wished they were not using spinlet for the sales. I have played the album over and over and yet to dislike any of the tracks.

  4. Brymo tankz u jez summed it up in ur track IF YOU WERE MINE…tnx Dude ur album wz worth evri penny.. U relatd 2 me xo Much


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