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Banky W - R&BW

It was quite a good “W” experience we have had for four years isn’t it? If you ask me, it was a very good one. I have waited for his next album for two years. You know that feeling when your favorite nigerian R&B drops a single, and you are eager about his forthcoming album? Yep, Banky W is that guy. The high from his previous album four years ago didn’t fade off, but rather it went higher than expected.

After listening to that album for the first time, my first reaction was “Wow”. I didn’t feel the need to skip any songs on the first run. Albums like that don’t come too often these days. This album, on first listen gives a similar feeling.

Banky W is no stranger in making good music and from the looks of it he took his time in giving us another solid album.

We’ll be walking this review in story mode.

1. The Way: In every journey, there is always a first step. Starting off the album, Mr W takes the first step and shows us the way the album will be going. He sings about a girl he likes and his infatuation with “her way”. Seems like the type of woman he is describing has that type of body Toolz has *chuckles*. Solid song. Good way to start the love album. 8/10

2. Good Good Loving: What’s next when you love the ways of a woman, and everything about her? Good Good Loving is the best thing if you want to keep her. This song was one of the lead singles prior to the album release. A Perfect valentine’s song, I’m sure a lot of men played this track to their woman on valentines day. Beautiful music. 8.5/10

3. Magic Ft. Skales: You know there is that one girl you set your eyes on at the club, and you will fall in love at first sight. As a real man, he walked up to her to tell her how he really feels. She looks like magic, setting the mood right. Overall the song is good. I love Skales’ delivery on it.  8/10

4. Find You: I’m not sure he got contact with the girl he met at the club because this song goes into full on search mode for this girl.Maybe a search team might work in finding that girl.. Like he said, “It’s hard to fall in love, until i find you, i won’t settle” This love dilemma is crazy, but hey good music. 7/10

5. Yes/No:  I think the search team did a great job finding her and Mr W has no time to waste. He has to pop that question before she disappears again. “Would You Be My Lover?” was that question, and he needs answers right away. Beautiful track that really kicked off anticipation for the album. I’m sure you have watched the video also; Just as nice. 9/10

6. Lowkey: I guess a lot of people are not happy with his relationship with this said “Angel”, and naturally the next thing is to go low-key. It’s the best way to keep their names away from jealous people, nobody has to know. If You ask me, Lowkey is the best way for Under G things *chuckles*. 8/10

7.Do It To Me: This is another of my favorite tracks on the album. Banky W’s girl can sure dance, because he likes the way she grinds and whines upon him and i pray he doesn’t go crazy. The track will do a lot of good on some one on one grind P. 9/10

8.Be My Lover Ft. Niyola: This Love for this particular girl is very strong. So strong that we get a part of the Yes/No strong. I’m just imagining the type of woman she is. The joint extends what we already liked about the first version and Niyola on the track makes it even more lovable. Good production also. 8.5/10

9.Say Ft. Shaydee & Rotimi Love is crazy I tell you. Banky W continues to express his love to this one particular girl. I don’t have to mention that this track is so soothing… Pure R&B if you will. Shaydee and Rotimi’s delivery on this track were perfect. Banky W picked the right singers to hop on this track. A song you can cuddle to this. 🙂 9/10

10. Past My Past Ft. Shaydee I think the girl is asking about his past, the girls he loved. Girls are always curios you know, before they get too deep and they can’t get out. He’s assuring her no problems, she should forget her past. You know when a guy confess to you, he is real. This love is sweet o . Another beautiful delivery from shaydee. 9/10

11. To My Unborn Child Ft. Lynxxx: Banky is already thinking of his Unborn child after he has his dream Girl. This is the best track i have listened to this year, singing to your unborn child is the cutest thing ever. I guess Banky W’s woman is pregnant with a girl, “To My Unborn Child” Makes sense right ? Lynxxx’s delivery on this song is pure class, everything about this track is beautiful. 10/10

What a sweet love story right? He met a girl, liked her way, wants to give her Good Loving, for some reason he felt she was using Magic on him. She left, he sent a search team to Find Her. After finding her, he proposed immediately before she flees again; but people dis-like their relationship , it has to be Low key. Still love stuck by her, he wanted her to continue doing what she is doing to him. The Love was mutual, they are lovers, but his love for her is very strong; he keep saying it. The Girl was convinced about his past, she asked few questions, but he told her to leave the past where it is. His Girl is now convinced, apparently she is carrying his unborn child, twins i think. What a good story line *chuckles*. I am pretty sure that was not Mr W’s plan on the album, but it’s my interpretation.

Back to the few tracks Left….

12. Africa & Proud Ft. Sarkodie, Camp Mulla, L-Tido & Vector: He brought that “Lagos Party” vibe he gave on his last album. This time it’s an african thing, not just a lagos thing. We have the best deliveries from your favorite african rappers on this one. Could have been the perfect track for the african cup of nations theme song. Great track, 9/10

13.Never Let You Go: Another love song with an up-tempo beat. You can’t go wrong singing and dancing this to the woman you love. It will make her happy. Good production, beautiful music. 8.5/10

14.Good Good Loving Ft Tuface Idibia: I don’t think there is any track out there that has 2face Idibia on it, and you won’t love it. Good Good Loving itself is a great track, 2BABA doing the remix makes it better. 9/10

15. More Ft M.I & Eldee: The delivery from M.I and Eldee on this track is pure class. If you ask me, I prefer eldee’s delivery better. Honestly, I think M.I and Eldee should make an album together, their combination seems perfect. Love this track, 9/10

16. Mercy: I called this track a “mouth watery track” because i wanted more, but i have to go back to track 1. He is asking for God’s Mercy, has committed a lot of sins. Seems like Mr W has mastered the art of rapping, he sounds better than some rappers. A lovely track to close the curtains on this album, Good music also. 9.5/10


Banky W has always been more mature than his peers when it comes to music making especially in R&B, but in this album he takes it a step further by widening that gap between him and “the others.” This album doesn’t lack in originality and freshness.

Like any other album it has its misses, but even those could be highlights on other albums, but all in all R&BW is a great album, and one that is as close to his “The W experience” album in terms of originality. After listening to this, it’s hard to go back and listen to the more generic sounds that have flooded the Nigerian music industry lately.

Album Rating: 9/10

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  1. Banky with ur big head..never take loyalty for stupidity..u nevr wantd to release an albrm since u were exploitn wizkid..makn 50% of the young boi God has open his eyes nd he has move on to strt all over again..he wil make it nd brng grammy back home..ur albrm is wizkid to make it hot..*tongue out*

  2. After reading dis review..I’ve decieded to buy d album 2morro..@Kesto..take chill pill..notin in life is free..when u get ur chance to make money,u use ur head and make d most of it

  3. the album too make sense,thumbs up 2 all d producer in d album esp spellz&mi abaga,my fav track is mercy but am loving banky more as a rapper


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