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I bet you guys have been waiting for the album review for versus. I hope the latter, “Bashorun Gaa” was good. After subsequent listens of “Versus” an album which 9ice featured various artistes on all tracks, here is a detailed review of the 18 track album.

1. 9ice vs 2face – Beautiful – A beautiful track to start off the album. He brings 2face Idibia once again like he did before on his second album, “Gongo -Aso” and this doesn’t disappoint. Beautiful is a track that talks about how everything has come to place how he learned from his mistakes which has subsequently made him a greater person. Life is now so beautiful to him, since things are working out fine. I think I expected more on this track, just like street credibility but it’s still a very Mmature track with great production. 8/10

2. 9ice Vs Vip – Good Day He teams up with VIP of Ghana to give a sweet melody. A typical African love song that talks about their love for their women. I think VIP should have done better on the track. Lets go down memory lane a bit with a track they did with Tony Tetulia. That’s the type of joint I expected, but its all Goody. 6/10

3. 9ice Vs Wizkid – On Point – To start with, the beat is on point. I bet that beat was made specially for wizkid. It’s a very good dancehall beat and was very well utilized by both artiste. 9ice didn’t do much as expected, but wizkid did justice to the whole track. Nice hook. 7/10

4. 9ice vs Banky W – Omo – This is another love track that much more was expected. They came out nice but, they kept repeating lyrics and eventually got boring. I think this track was rushed but it’s still a cool song anyways.

5. 9ice Iya Alariya – This track right here was supposed to be versus King Sunny Ade (KSA), but word has it that he was too busy. 9ice went along finishing the track himself. This track should have made it to Bashorun Gaa instead in my opinion . Go Listen to “Certificate” his first album. This is the type of track you would have. Good story line and a very good beat. 8/10

6. 9ice Vs Kayefi – Safe Journey – Hmm, this track is just subliminal. Listen carefully to the story line you might understand what I mean. 9ice came out a bit poor on this track, but Kayefi with her smooth voice did justice to the track. What a message, chai. This track is obviously for Toni Payne no doubt,  (But she is back in his house sha). I guess this was recorded before they reconciled. 7/10

7. 9ice Vs Tiwa Savage – Everything – The song started weak to me but when you have amazing singer like Tiwa Savage on a track  it still comes out decent even if it’s going down the wack path. This song is so sexual, hearing Tiwa Savage speak Yoruba is amazing. Her entrance on her part is just sweet. I love the concept though, husband and wife talking to each other about what they have done for each other. 7/10

8. 9ice Vs Psquare – All the Way – This is the one of the leaked tracks before he released the Album. Teaming up with the twins, p-square was a very good idea. Although, it’s an old song you can’t stop playing. A very Good Production too. All The way No delay – 7/10

9. 9ice Vs Timaya – I matter – Actually when this track started with Timaya talking I was expected his type of music. You know “I be plaintain seller” type of joint. Timaya killed this joint with his good story line. He always have a story anyways. Nice hook from Adigun himself, and a decent beat. 8/10

10. 9ice Vs SerikiGbonGilaGila – First of all this track is Rated R, that’s if you understand the lyrics. 9ice and Seriki came together to give a sweet track, to me though. Gbongilagila means P*nis, and they are telling a woman to come take it. Just think of Dagrin’s Kondo and you can relate that to this song. A very matured song, and a very decent beat from sheffo . 7/10

11. 9ice vs Kwakwese – Insanity – This is the type of track/Beat VIP should have went off on. A very Good dance hall track, and too African. The track talks about how they should go crazy, even though you can’t understand what the Ghana brothers are saying, you will still dance to the Gbedu. Forget the lyrics, just dance to the song and go Kolomental. 7/10

12. 9ice Vs Duncan Mighty This Life – This is my best track off the album, not only because it’s a hot track but because it sends a great message. When you have Wene Mighty on a track with 9ice, you talk about a great collaboration. The track talks about politicians, being untruthful, never doing good things and basically all the social injustices. I see a pattern on 9ice’s albums, from certificate to versus, there is always a track that talks about politicians and injustice. 9ice Ft Asa – Pete Pete is a good example. A very good beat, sounds like an igbo beat. 8.5/10

13. 9ice Vs MI – Safarawe – 9ice is good at diss/subliminal songs. Lord knows what happened to him recording his own part of “Talk I am listening”. Safarawe was a personal diss song to Isolate/Baba Nee, and I’m not actually sure who exactly it is, but I’m sure it’s one of them. I guess it kept their mouth shut with the look of things. Teaming Up with Mr incredible on this track was a good track, M.I came out with a nice lyrics. The only thing different in this track, was the beat. I like the idea changing the beat entirely, Nice joint. 7/10

14. 9ice Vs Mode Nine – Atamatase – Once again, the beat on this joint was changed entirely from the originally released version. This is a joint for the street and it has been out there for a minute. Modenine always do justice to any collaboration, so you have to respect to the lyricist. Bad ass beat from Sheffo once again. This dude is good at production man. 7.5/10

15. 9ice Vs Kwam 1 – Health is wealth – A very classic joint that got everybody amazed when it dropped back in January. He teamed up with the Fuji Legend, Kwam 1 to give us a matured and positive song. Health is wealth talks about using the right drugs if you want to live strong and stay long. A very good storyline from The Fuji legend himself and a nice hook from 9ice himself. 8/10

16. 9ice Vs Dagrin – Loni Ni – First of all, this is a very nice beat. Having Da Grin on the track with the beat was just a waste of track. Loni Ni is a good song, but it didn’t fit dagrin’s style of music. Probably if they did change of beat or a different style like he had with mode nine, it would have been better. Their lyrics was tight, the beat was just too weak for Da Grin. (RIP) 6/10

17. 9ice Vs WizBoy – Money – I expected more like their previous collaboration, “Owu Sagi”. They came together once again to give us money, wizboy talks about money in his language, basically money is important. 9ice repeated some lyrics off “Buje Budanu” on bashorun Gaa. We all need and want money, good message. Good message and a decent Beat. 6/10

18. 9ice Vs Ajayi Brovas – {Appetizer Remix} – Another hot joint off the album. A dance-able track to end the album. He talks about his lady as his appetizer. I’m not sure which is good between the real song and the remix but Ajayi brovas did justice to the song as usual. A song you can’t stop playing. A hot beat once again. 7/10

Conclusion: Versus is a good album, even though some artiste didn’t make it to the album. I wonder how many tracks would have been on the album, if they made it. Kudos to every artiste on the album. Most importantly the Major producer, Sheffo. He makes good beat, we should probably watch out for him. If you haven’t copped the album(s), you should.


Track Listen – 9ice Vs Duncan MightyThis Life
[audio:|titles=12 – 9ice VS Duncan Mighty – 9ice ft. Duncan Mighty]

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  1. Im amazed at d review generally. The album is off point. Most of d tracks didnt make much sense. 9ice should pls go back to d way he started cos i lyk him beta dt way.

  2. you must have a stick up your butt while rating loni ni & safarawe. Loni ni deserves a better grade that safarawe. M.I raping nonsense about sodomizing people

  3. 9ice baba Alapomeji a.k.a 3310. Whala u are OJABỌ KO FỌ. Kabiesi u get mouth like KEREGBE ẸMU. We love like baba Gód.

  4. hmmmmmmm with this your rating is yours not ours on the street pls 9ices reps us anywhere anytime,,,,,,,,all the track on the album is on point even the one he was suppose to do KSA pls don;t shit good music,,,which of the 9ija acts can dish out what this guy did?ANYBODY THAT SHITS THIS ALBUM IS A BASTARD KUDOS TO ALAPOMEJI,9ICE,HIS MANAGER,AND ALL HIS CREW GOD BLESS THEM FOR US AND WE GOOD WISHERS AMEN

  5. I mean is the worst album review ever! I mean On point with wizkid is possibly one of the best tracks on the album and then you rate Safarawe 7/10???? seriously? Jaguda is the right name for the site cuz you just stole major points from several tracks. Beautiful which you were crowning over isn't even among the top songs on the album. At least you came back to your senses towards the end somewhat, Health is Wealth is definitely a 9/10 and Appetizer was butchered on this album, the leak was a much better song. I was definitely disappointed with the album version.


  6. Guy u must be on some cheap indian hem 2 said life is beautiful is not a top song on d album,dat d best song on it ,On point wit wizkid is d worse track on d album,mi safarawe i concur wit u on dat,d album entirely is fantastic.

  7. For me. Beautiful and Everything are the top 2 songs in this album. Maybe its because I've heard the leaked version of the other hot tracks. I really loved Safarawe, Loni ni and Atamatase when I first heard them over a year ago


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