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9ice released his Album(s) on Wednesday. You will find it rare for an artiste in Nigeria to release two albums at once. He dropped “Everyday, Attitude, Adigun Juwonlo” for us to feel what Bashorun Gaa would be like and it did received a lot of good reviews from fans. Even though the album release was postponed twice, Bashorun Gaa is still one album you wouldn’t mind waiting for. Every song on this album has a message, and it was worth the wait.

Here is a detailed review …..

1. Pace Setter Ft Vector – A pretty decent intro to start the album. Pace setter talks about pretty much around 9ice being around and the fact that he never left. He brought Vector along to give us a nice intro. Pace setter pretty much takes shots at his critics who felt he might have been done. Pretty Decent track, and nice beat. 6/10

2. Everyday – This is one of the singles he released before the album release. This track is pretty much a Love song. Everyday talks about his Love for his woman, who stood by him all year and I think it also means our everyday hustle. Ty Mix did justice to the song with a nice beat. 7/10

3. Mu Number – A snippet of this Track was released in May, and initially I felt like this song was crap until I heard it fully mixed. Mu Number (Pick a Number) is pretty much 9ice’s way of telling us that he’s a hot commodity in the market. Pick a number. “You Know” Beat is so on point. Nice use of drums . I give it 6/10

4. 3310 – In all honesty, I have played this song over 200 times already. The rare combo of nice beat and nice lyrics is not easy to do. 3310 is that track you won’t stop listening to. If you are familiar with the Phone “Nokia 3310” or have used it you will understand the concept of this song. The song is big, bold and even though you smash it on the ground, it’s still working . With all the false publicity about him, he still stays strong and making good Music. I give it 8/10.

5. Ori – Olowo – This song starts with that slow pace and it’s easy to think it’s wack, but it gets better. Ori olowo talks about the wealth he has acquired, how he worked for his money. Life is by turn by turn, so wait for your turn. As a hustler, money is on 9ice’s mind 24/7, and it should be. 5/10

6. Attitude – Second single he released before the album was released. Attitude is another good track. Talks about how he uses an attitude in his everyday life. Spending money, dancing, living life, making music, making good decisions and the rest of what life entails.7/10

7. Simple Strategy – Do I need to explain why this song is a tune? He changed his style of music on this track, and brought a correct fuji dance track . I won’t be surprised if you hear this at a owambe party. 8/10

8. Adigun Ojuwonlo – Imagine playing the instrumental alone; You’ll still gonna dance to it. Adigun Ojuwonlo is another sweet song off this album, and can be played anywhere. It was like a comeback track for him with all the diss songs, and publicity saying he is bigger than them and praying for himself and his fans. 7/10

9. I Rule – I rule, You rule. Good track, and the song compliments the title. Sometimes you ignore the beat and listen to the message. 9ice opens up and gives a message to his fan that he is still the boss. This might be where the title “Bashorun Gaa ” came from. 6/10

10. Shakashiky – Even though we know the track is old, it still fits the album. The song doesn’t really get old, it’s not hard to love the song over again. It still is one of the biggest tune we have heard from 9ice after Gongo Aso. 9/10

11. Display – I don’t fall in love and fool around, another message from 9ice. A soft tune with nice vocals from snow alapomeji. As a Bad Guyz, 9ice will display for you, so behave. 6/10

12. Enife – Like I said, every song has a message. Enife is another one to his fans/haters that are trying to be like him or get his to his stage. Nice use of yoruba proverbs once again. Patience is the word. Pretty nice beat you can dance to . 7/10

13. Omo – This track talks about him as a child who struggled and made it at a younger age till now. Our father gave birth to us, we have to be useful of ourselves and live our life. I think the song has different meanings but one of the strongest is to stay Humble #dats all. 6/10

14. Takoto – I think 9ice has a dance step he needs to show us. “Takoto” might be bending down to dance. I personally want to learn how to takoto anyways. Pretty nice song tho, and the beat is on Point as usual. 6/10

15. We Are Ready – I bet you are bored already, or are you? We are almost there to the last song. This is another dance track, with some gan-gan. Track pretty much talks about, they are up to anything. Ready for anything. I would love to have the instrumentals of this song, owambe things. 7/10

16. So Fun Won – So fun won (Tell them). This talks about telling his fan he is the boss, you can’t fade it. Let them know alapomeji is the business . It’s a nice track with a good message but I feel the flow was kind of monotonous on this one. – 6/10

17. Don’t Go – Personally this is the “best song” on the album. 9ice gets deeper pouring out his heart as a husband to his wife. Respect is the word I coined out of this song. A wife should respect her husband, and the husband should do the same. I really love this song, Sheffo did a fantastic job on the beat. A song for the matured minds. 9/10

18. Buje Budanu – A good way to end the album. He starts with a prayer, that he shouldn’t be a waste in Life. He mentions wealthy people he is familiar with like “Femi Otedola, Dangote, Mike Adenuga, Tinubu and others. Don’t you wanna know people who are wealthy that are Buje Budanu “Good Giver” . The song overall is a good track and a nice way to end the Album. 7/10

Conclusion: Bahorun Gaa was worth the wait and you can tell 9ice put more effort on this one. This is a more well packaged album than “Tradition” but he stays making good music that people appreciates.

Since the album has dropped I don’t think I have seen or heard anyone that say it is a waste of money or it wasn’t what they expected. He gives us a very good album and clears his name on the controversies. Even though some people think the content does not relate to the title.

In Conclusion, I know 9ice still has some haters out there and even though they know he brought out a good album, they probably won’t admit. Bashorun Gaa is not a perfect album, but it’s a good one and you should cop it, if you haven’t.


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Track Listen: Don’t Go
[audio:|titles=17 – Don’t Go – 9ice]


  1. bros adigun u are d best musician in d world infact i am always inluv wit ur music infact i really want to b like u.keep it up nd i personally gives album 100% nd pls take ur wife she has realise her mistakes nd remember no body his perfect nd as d elder pple use say dat angeli ti eyan ti mo tipe o san ju angeli ti eyan sese mon lo

  2. 9ice u are my guy, n u we continueing 2 b, i luv dis track meh…..nice baba agba u tu much,i remain my humble name arogest

  3. I fink pace setter deserves more than 6/10.The song has more deeper meaning as for me I'll rate it at 8/10..nd as for the overall ratings I ' ll go for 8.5/10
    *pls review for Versus*

  4. I’m stuck in yobe and I haven’t listened to the album but based on the reactions have read on twitter and this one. I’m so psyched about it. Can’t wait to get GIDI and get my own copy……….

    Pls do the versus album review too

    Big ups to the good work u guys are doing

  5. I most confess,dis Album is the realest,the dopest of 2011……..Aint really in2 9ice's music but dis album is full of great minded songs for the mature minds wif Excellent lyrics of our time……Ya'll need 2 cop dis Album……God bless good music,God bless 9ice,God bless Nigeria

  6. Wish he had done something with flavour like he did with wizboy…..
    I sure say dat kain track go shake naija for dis xmas…..

    Great work….

  7. My friends and i love the way nice use to sing his song and i wont lie he is one of the best musician we have in this country

  8. Bashorun gaa is a great artist there is a way he makes music very good tunes it 2his own way and makes it nice,his great I love his music

  9. Bashorun gaa is a great singer nd artist there is a way he tunes music 2his own way and makes it his own.i love his music cand him

  10. None of 9ice’s album can be push aside. Keep ur effort up brother, upper upper level shall u go.

  11. Honestly! The guy is really hardworking. His songs is always full of very sensible messages, not like others. I luv u Mr. 9ice, i am always proud of you. just go ahead and remenber that any other 9ice is a counterfeit!

  12. ”Don’t go” i so much respect d minds in dis track, bros u hit d point. ‘oruko omo nro omo’ twice as nice…


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