Yvonne Ekwere Reveals More Alter Egos; Meet Mr Ekwere


Ok Yvonne Ekwere looking so much like a man is actually quite concerning, but let’s all just assume it’s all make up and art. Still though, before we knew it was the alter ego, this pic looked like any other random bros at the beer parlor.

Whatever the case is, meet the alter egos, Mr Ekwere & Imoh. Obi Somto did very well with the pics and the make art is solid.

IMG_0530 as Smart Object-1
IMG_0429 as Smart Object-1

IMG_0431 as Smart Object-1


Photographer: Obi Somto
Male Alter Pieces: Telvino Kouture
Special Effects Make-Up: Tai-Lo
Photo Edits: Lahnray Obembe of OrionPixels
Concept/Theme: Yvonne “Vixen” Ekwere



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