Yung6ix Exposes The Guy Who Tried To Shoot Him


Earlier on we brought you a report on controversial rapper Yung6ix who alleged someone made an attempt on his life at gun point.

It seems the self styled “King of the South” Yung6ix cannot contain it anymore has he has decided to expose the person behind the hideous act. surprisingly, yeah am also surprised the alleged person is a fellow rapper. Hmmm did you read that line well.

Here are some of the revelation made by the “For Example” hit maker via his instagram page.

“I wasn’t gonna expose you FuckBoy @00pre but you gone on IG with no remorse after trying to take my life and post BS, your father might be able to keep you out of jail with his money but definitely can’t keep you away from Karma and God. You have 3 days to pay for all you and your boys destroyed at my house.  You feeling like Tony yeah? Don’t forget about Sosa FUCK BOY. I ain’t promoting violence but at the same time I ain’t promoting silence #jstknw”

Yung6ix also took to P.R.E’s IG page to warn the rapper to pay for damages done on his property.Yung6ix

Interestingly the both rappers Yung6ix and P.R.E have  a song together “Lagos” and the music video is yet to drop. Is this a publicity stunt for both artistes?  I tire o!



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