Yes, I Don’t Smoke But I Drink Responsibly – Kiss Daniel


One of our favorite Nigerian pop stars and G-worldwide music act,  Kiss Daniel opens up on a few things about him you may have not been aware of.

In a detailed interview, the Ogun State born singer shared some personal information about himself, his career, love life and the fact a lot of people don’t believe he hasn’t smoked before.

Here are excerpts from his interview with Punch Newspaper.

How did you come about the name Kiss Daniel?

The name was actually given to me by a girl. Though I was a bit sceptical about it at first, I later liked the idea and decided to stick with it.

When was the first time you knew you wanted to become a singer?

I think I was about seven then. I used to write a lot and when my father noticed my passion, he encouraged me to do more of it. However, I started music professionally in 2014.

Who are some of the people that influenced your sound?

 I would say 9ice and 2face.

The ladies obviously love Kiss Daniel, what has been your weirdest experience with a female fan?

It is X-rated. You know when ladies are excited, they can go to any length to show it.

What has stardom changed about you?

Nothing, I’m still the same old me. People that knew me from way back still come to me and they can confirm that I haven’t changed. I am an introvert, so there aren’t many people that can influence me. I still hang out with the same set of people  I used to spend time with  when I was a kid.

Are you not worried that keeping to yourself may make people conclude that you are proud?

I get that a lot but there are always opportunities for people who feel so to meet me and then, they’ll realise that it’s just my nature. I’ve even had experiences like that with people in the industry but when they get to know me better, they see that it’s all love.

What are the major lessons being an artiste  has taught you?

I’ve learnt to always keep my mouth shut and not to always talk like a fool. One must always be eager to listen instead of talking. Talking too much will get you in a lot of trouble.

You also mentioned in that song that you don’t smoke, is that really true?

Yes, I don’t smoke but I drink responsibly.

Can you date someone in the entertainment industry?

Yes, I can. I don’t see anything wrong in that.

Have you ever dated anyone in the industry?

I’m not sure if I can call the experience that I had dating.

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