Yemi Love Returns in Time to Spread Some Christmas Cheer

Yemi Love
Yemi Love

Tis the season of celebration and surprises.

As we wrap up what has been a challenging year for most, Soul Singer Yemi Love (who you may have known as Ibiyemi) has announced her return, as she spreads some much needed Christmas joy.

After what has been a long wait for her faithful fans, Yemi Love has finally returned to the studio.

The gifted vocalist, who built a devoted fan base with singles such as ‘Can You Love Me?’, the critically acclaimed ‘Don’t Leave Me’ and ‘Ore’ will release a long-awaited EP in 2021.

Yemi Love, who took some time off work to start a family, is very excited to return to music full time.

“There have been so many changes in the time I have been away, a husband, son, even a new name. But some things never change – I never stopped creating music. I love my fans and I’m excited to share the new sound”

In the meantime, enjoy Yemi Love’s take on this Classic Nigerian Christmas Tune – ‘Gbo Ohun’

May your season sparkle with joy and laughter.

YEMI LOVE is a talented singer-songwriter with a distinctive, rich, and soulful voice loved by connoisseurs of urban soul. A unique vocal talent whose childhood exposure to diverse musical genres ranging from calypso and jazz to juju, folk, and soul, and music greats such as Mary J. Blige, Lauryn Hill, Tracy Chapman, and the legendary Stevie Wonder, is evident in her melodic delivery and vocal versatility.

Yemi Love remains a soul singer who continuously delivers music that connects with both the young and old—with an international sound that proudly represents traditional roots.



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