Is this a New trend alert? Ycee gets new look and Falz goes bald


Rapper Falz the bahd guy earlier in the week showed off his new bald look in a photo captioned Falz the bald guy.

The photo created quite the buzz on social media and rightfully so, as this would be a first time for many of the Bop Daddy‘s fans seeing him go bone-headed.

Similarly, Omo alhaji rapper, Ycee Jagaban has been spotted wearing a new look.

In a new photo on his twitter we see the rapper spotting black colored afro-cut with the sides faded as opposed to the blonde he had previously.

The rapper’s dreadlocks which he has shaved off had become a signature for the Juice crooner.

Ycee captioned the photo ‘Dreads gone… the good genes still Yapa’.

The new look looks cool on the rapper and gives a laidback demeanor yet not lacking attitude.

After seeing his fellow new-look colleague Falz reacted:

‘Mad o’

Ycee’s got a new song, Nu Riddim, out and we are guessing A new look is a sign of just that.

A new look trend might just be underway and more artistes might join just yet.

Who would you like to see wearing a new look?


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