Yahoo News & CNN Wrongly Report That Drake Died In Car Accident


Earlier today a very terrible hoax hit the internet that Canadian rap star, Drake had died in a car accident in Los Angeles on Sunday. The hoax was so strong that major media outlets Yahoo News, CNN, and Buzzfeed reported that the rapper had in fact passed away.

What a time to be alive for real.



You would think that major media outlets like CNN, and Yahoo News with big budgets would so some fact checking before publishing sensitive news. Maybe reach out to a publicist or PR representative. Craziness. The internet is really a crazy place. In the past few years, Akon, Jackie Chan, and Avril Lavigne have fallen victim to similar hoaxes, albeit not published on major outlets. Buzzfeed have since deleted their post, and added a disclaimer.

Anyways, good thing Drake is very much fine, and alive, and he’s gonna be here in a few months when he drops his album, Views From The 6.



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