“Women With Big Yansh Are More Confident Of Their Sexuality And Better Lovers”- Charly Boy


Charly Boy and his seasonal long article is here again but this time his emphasis is on the Bum Bum. If ur thin and flat on the behind please don’t take this article personal and go perform some artificial thingy to ur backside Biko.. Read the interesting post below

“Let’s discuss it now, no need to be shy or bashful about this, so stop forming gentleman for me. Wetin men see for women nyash wey be say some people no fit hol body. Is it the owner of the nyash abi the size of the nyash? Nyash get different code names. Some dey call am idi, ike, duwawo, ikebe,bakassi. Whatever language or slang, it still connotes a sense of excitement and adventure. I know many guys who think of riding as soon they see the twin set of assets. Men generally love a curvy well packaged ass, because it is very attractive, arousing, and sexy. Everyone has a different vision and definition of beauty: whether it is skin deep or just in the eyes of the beholder. Men are attracted to curvy women because they look like women! I’m talking about size 12 to 16. However, one man’s meat is another man’s mattress, that I know too well. It’s all about proportion; you can be petite but curvy and voluptuous, or big and tall but curvy and voluptuous. BIG doesn’t necessarily mean the woman is obese. Most guys simply love women with curves because that’s what enhances their femininity, makes them women! Only young girls should be flat and thin, lepa straight up and down, because they haven’t yet developed, dem never ripe. Curves define the woman.


For me, I’m so richly blessed, it’s not fair. I am basically living with a woman whom after several kids still possesses a flat tummy and a “Ghetto/J-Lo butt”. She is no doubt considerably endowed, a flat stomach and a curvaceous butt. In fact this piece is about her. Tsikena! My woman’s nyash be like custom made, e be like something Oyinbo go manufacture finish, come install am for her body. Kai! Curvier women are more confident of their sexuality and are better lovers. Well, maybe it’s all in my head, but it is there. From time to time I love to make other men and women jealous when I take my baby out, I can see men’s eyes following the nyash like a he-goat. Odikwarisky!!

Some people have even caught me in public, either fondling with the nyash or pinching it. To crown it all, her “headlights” no send at all.

The question is… why do men like curvy women with butts?

I think I can manage to answer that. It’s just like women love to see men who have buffed bodies and masculine, men also love women who are curvy. It’s just a better picture, the rest na story.

From an African man’s perspective, he will tell you straight up “give the bones to the dogs, give the meat to the men”. It is a black thing, we Africans flow like that. Curvy looking figures are the men’s known weakness, any woman in the crowd with such a figure and a smile gets the attention of all the men in the whole crowd. Even if they are with their own women at that moment they will still try to make an excuse to look at her curves.

Have you ever wondered why the cheese has two nice folds and not one round one? Chai!!! I think the sole purpose for this creation was to give it a provocative nature. E get anything weydem dey take nyash do wey no dey sweet for body? ‘Shiting’, messing, f***ing…

So to all the ass men out there, let me know the size you like and the names you call it, as for me CharlyBoy, I like my own nyash custom-built!

However, the real beauty is on the inside, the inside is what is seen after being hypnotized by the exterior. Guys whether the subject of your admiration is small, thin, big, fat, just know that the beauty inside is much better than the beauty outside. These days, The Nyash or Head lamps can be bought, but the quality of the person is in their DNA and can’t be twigged. So watch your wondering eyes, before you fall inside gutter because of Nyash Matters.”


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