WizKid’s Album ‘Ayo’ Clocks In At #1 On The iTunes World Music Chart


The star power is definitely there, and if you think WizKid is losing fans or isn’t having a great year think again. A quick look at iTunes World Music Category chart shows WizKid’s latest album, Ayo (Joy) at number one; 3 places above P-Square who are sitting at number four.

iTunes World Music Chart


In addition to WizKid being #1 in the World Music Chart, he’s also in the top 100 albums for all categories at 99, and that’s sure to climb as the days go by.

iTunes All Categories Chart

WizKid released his 2nd album less than 24 hrs ago, and there has been debate over whether it was a surprise release or a leak, but either way you see it, there’s one person winning right now; Wizzy!

Big congrats to him, and the champagne is definitely needed to celebrate this success. WizKid is so winning right now.



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