I Will Be Having The Best Album of 2017 – Sugar Boy


Hola Hola” crooner Sugar Boy is now getting all the necessary attention from his label G-Worldwide as he prepares to release his album.

The dancehall singer whose real name is Umoren Akanimoh Felix dishes out on a few insights and what to expect from his upcoming debut album “BELIEVE“.

“I am basically inspired by my environment. I get ideas from the things that happen around me and even from people. Inspiration could come in whatever form, even in the unlikeliest of places. However, the most important thing is that my music is a product of hard work. A lot of work goes into polishing a song and making it presentable from the point of getting of getting the idea to releasing it to the public. Most times, it is a collaborative effort between me and my team as I am always open to suggestions.”

Sugar Boy was quick to dispel any beliefs that he is under pressure to outshine the efforts of his label mate Kiss Daniel as he chatted with Sunday Scoop crew.

“It is not a competition, rather we are brothers. I was featured on his albums, and he is also going to be on two songs in my forthcoming album as well so there is no pressure from anywhere. All I’m concerned about is making good music and I can assure my fans that I would never disappoint them,” he said.

The G-Worldwide music act shared some insight on his yet-to-be-released album “Believe”. He boldly stated his debut album will be the best album to be released in 2017.

“There are 22 songs on the album but I had to record about 40 tracks in all before selecting the ones that would eventually go on the album and I can tell you it was quite tough. Kiss Daniel had the best album of 2016 and I will be having the best album of 2017. Great things start from small beginnings and I believe I’m destined for the top of the industry.”



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