Why Modenine Will Not Be Releasing His Albums On The Streets Anymore


Nigerian Hip-Hop King, Mode9, will not be putting out his album on the streets anymore, and will only be releasing his albums online from now on.


Well he’s stated that he feel cheated by Alaba marketers all the times, and doesn’t trust the numbers they report to him. He also went on to say that the indsutry is moving towards online anyways.
Here’s what he said in an interview with The Nation:

You give your CDs to the Alaba guys to market for you, and even though you see your CDs all over the place, whenever you call them to ask for your money, they tell you, e no sell. Should you decide to visit them at their shops, they will show you the CDs you gave them to sell, claiming, e no sell, all this in spite of evidence to the contrary. They simply copy the CDs, and sell their own copies, leaving the original copies unsold.

CDs are on their way out anyway. Digital music is the future, and so I have decided to release my forthcoming album online. It will only be available online via downloads
for the enjoyment, and convenience of my fans.

This is why COSON’s mantra, Let the Music Pay is apt. Pirates continue to rip off Nigerian entertainers, who more often than not have nothing to show for their creative works. Many entertainers sink their energies, and hard earned money into creating songs and movies, only to end up having nothing to show for their efforts.


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