Why Are Nigerians Attacking Lola Omotayo Over P-Square’s Break Up


Nigerians have started again. As the reality of the end of one Africa’s biggest musical groups, P-Square, sets in, Nigerians have started venting their misplaced anger at the wife of Peter Okoye, Lola Omotayo. 

It’s kinda sad that someone who probably  has little to do with the daily affairs of the group would be subject to the kind of abuse she’s been getting. She’s not part of P-Square neither is she managing any of their careers. 

This started after she posted a picture on Instagram with the caption “If you want the rainbow, you’ve got to put up with the rain”. This prompted all kinds of responses from P-Square fans in her comments section. While many have been attacking her, some have tried to plead with her to help P-Square get back together. 

Not sure what difference she can make tho: 



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