‘What You’re Doing Is A Publicity Stunt’ – Harrysong’s Ex-PR


A certain man by name Anusiobi Frank has reacted to Harrysong‘s fight against depression. Frank who was a PR manager to Harrysong before he parted ways with him believes the ‘Samakwe’ singer is just pulling another publicity stunt.

In a lengthy post on Facebook, Mr Frank called Harrysong out for being ungrateful to people who added value to his life in the past. The former PR manager to Harrysong mentioned that the singer had abandoned several people in the past like music producer Dr Amir, DJ Benimaun etc. He further stressed that the AlterPlate boss needs to beg for forgiveness from people he has wronged in the past.

Although Frank wished Harrysong well, and quick recovery from depression, he was of an opinion that he (Harrysong) was pulling a publicity stunt. He said all his talk about fighting depression is just a way to get into the public focus and make headlines.


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