What Needs to be Done About Rape in Nigeria — Don Jazzy


Recently, a couple of alleged ‘rape cases’ have trended on social media as Nigerians constantly call for offenders to be brought to justice.

Today, I was on Twitter and saw a trend with the hashtag, #JusticeForJennifer. From what I gathered on Twitter, the story was that of a young lady who was raped by five men. It was unclear if all offenders were apprehended by some twitter users claimed two were in custody while three others were at large.

In view of this, Mavin CEO, Don Jazzy, has spoken out and called on all relevant authorities to step up their fights against sexual offenders.

He started by stating how disheartening it was that someone would dehumanize another to satisfy a sexual urge.

“It’s so heartbreaking to see how far some people would go to dehumanize others for their own sexual urge and satisfaction. As children grow, parents need to give them proper orientations on respecting people’s will and not forcing them against it.”

He went further to call on lawmakers, security agencies

“Lawmakers, Law enforcers and the Judiciary also need to work in unison to revamp our laws on sexual crimes to address these endemic acts and give the most effective detterents to them. Our society should be one that frowns against these acts and not enable them. and the judiciary to do the needful,” he wrote.

See tweet below;


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