What If Zola’s Story Was Made Into A Nollywood Movie; We’ve Got The Cast


Look! If you haven’t caught the greatest twitter story ever, then you’re missing something really special from the story teller named Zola. Catch up here.

Well while we’re in the heat of the moment we decided to explore the possibility of what would happen if this Zola story was not only made into a movie… But a Nollywood movie at that. I mean why not yea? It’s already an epic story, and you know really as we speak there’s probably already a Nollywood movie maker waiting for this to end so he/she can make this movie. Complete with a prayer session to deliver Jarrett from Jess and her evil ways.

To God Be The Glory!

Zola – Funke Akindele


This just fits in perfectly right? The charismatic, super active, and hyper girl that will end up telling the whole story in the end. She already has the sharp mouth, and you can just see her bossing Jess around.


Jess – Tonto Dike


Attractive by many standards but essentially not the smartest pickle in the jar. But she’s smart and sharp enough to keep Jarret under her thumb, but probably not sharp enough to wiggle herself away from Z. Also she’ll be able to convince Zola to go on that road trip. Tonto Dike is your girl.


Z – Charles Okocha aka Igwe Tupac


Look! There’s no other character in Nollywood that can play Z more than our very own Igwe Tupac. He has to be the villain here, and his filmography will show that he can play that part very well. I mean casting anyone else will be muthafucking insanity “durg.”


Jarrett – Ramsey Noah


Let’s see… Which nollywood actor is most likely to play the part of a guy that cries a lot, tries to kill himself while in an emotional cocktail, and still can’t seem to not love the girl that’s totally bad for him? Yep! Ramsey Noah


Dreads – Chiwetelu Agu

image (1)

Ok we were just trying to be funny here. But seriously though… Doesn’t he seem like Dreads?


Z’s Fiancee – Genevieve


Down ass chick, that is fine as hell, rich, and knows how to handle a gun very well. Genevieve pretty much ticks all the check boxes and more. Plus you know you’d like to see Genevieve exert some power over Ramsey Noah and Tonto Dike. Admit it.


Ok that’s it! We were just having fun here. Nollywood, if you decide to use our cast, please send us a check. It would be nice…. or at least give us a shout out. Plus, we can always come help direct.




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