The Weeknd Is Suing Someone For Trademarking ‘Starboy’


Canadian singer Abel Tesfaye who we all know as The Weeknd wants to make sure he is the only ‘starboy’ around at the moment.

Grammy Award winning singer The Weeknd is pressing charges against a certain man who is attempting to trademark ™ his alias ‘Starboy’. According to TMZ, Eymun Talasazan was filing to trademark the name ‘Starboy’ for his personal protects.

The Weeknd hugged headlines in the Nigerian Entertainment circles when he decided to name his award winning 2016 album ‘STARBOY’. Eyebrows were raised at the development because the only star boy we know around here is Wizkid.

It’s sad that Wizkid is slowing loosing the Starboy name to The Weeknd, especially as Marvel have teamed up with him for a comic book named after him.

Would it ever come to a point Wizkid can use his alias outside Africa as The Weeknd goes all out to make sure he is the only ‘starboy’? Should Wizkid take on The Weeknd? Too many questions.




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