#WeAreTired: Nigerian Musicians React to Incessant Rape & Death Cases in the Country


Nigerian entertainers have said “We are tired” to the incessant killings and rape cases witnessed in Nigeria so far.

The social space has been flooded with nothing but bad news in the past few days. Most recently, is the case of Vera Omozuwa, a 100-level Microbiology student of the University of Benin, Edo state, who was raped and brutalized in a church.

Vera was in comma for some days and later died.

Then that of Tina, who was shot dead by a trigger happy policeman. Her death, not the first as a lot of Nigerians have suffered the same fate by trigger happy security personnel’s.


This has been going and Nigerian musicians have screamed ‘foul’. UMG act, Tiwa Savage, started a twitter trend #WeAreTired and since then, celebrities have reacted.

#WeAreTired of senseless killings, lorries falling on road and killing passengers, ACs catching fire and burning houses, young girls getting raped, young boys killed by SARZ, no jobs for graduates, please add your own frustration because my list is long,” Tiwa wrote.


Music executive and CEO Mavin Records, Don Jazzy, also reacted to the rape story. He lamented that rapists’ deserve to die.

“I saw a thread on Twitter, different ladies writing about their traumatic rape experiences. I can’t begin to imagine how these women feel. The pain they suffered and are suffering mentally everyday. It is so heartbreaking. I believe every rapist deserves to die. If you are a rapist out there and you see this, you should be ashamed of yourself and I want you to know that one day you will pay for your barbaric crimes. This goes to rape apologists too and those that know a rapist and is protecting them. SHAME ON YOU. #saynotorape #JusticeforUwa #JusticeforTina #WeAreTired


Adekunle Gold also reacted bitterly to Uwa and Tina’s ordeal. Mr Gold lamented that men should be raised properly. He claimed that all men are responsible and should come together to see an end to rape.

“My heart bleeds. Uwa and Tina’s lives have been cut short because we’ve raised and enabled a generation of men who believe women should be exploited not protected. We’ve enabled powerdrunk senseless men with uniforms and weapons.We are not allowed to sit down there and say “not all men” fuck that! All men are responsible. Your brother’s heart is desperately wicked and you have enabled it, wether in catcalling or in objectification. We have enabled it. Not waiting on the government to do anything, don’t want to set myself up for further disappointment. I pray we raise better sons and enable better men.”


Wizkid also joined the band with his recent post on Instagram. He called out the Nigerian police. He posted the photo of Tina who was shot by a police, and wrote; “2020! naija police still dey kill Nigerians!.”


“It breaks my heart that on top of battling a pandemic, we not only have to worry about our loved ones not making it home because a trigger happy police officer decides to open fire, we also have to worry that our sisters and mothers and aunties and friends are not safe from sexual predators. Two days ago, that was the fate of 16 year old Tina Ekekwe who was shot dead by a police officer, and Uwaila Omozuwa who was raped and murdered in a church! There is absolutely no excuse. These things should never happen. We must remember their names. We must hold these people accountable!

“It continually breaks my heart that we are still plagued by ethnic and religious bigotry. Every Nigerian life matters. Every Nigerian life should matter. Why are our leaders silent on the Kaduna massacre ? Hundreds of people have been displaced. Too many lives have been senselessly lost,” the singer also posted on his Instagram page.

He reacted to both Tina’s death and the massacre in the Southern parts of Kaduna.


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