WATCH: Portable Calls Out Promoter Kogbagidi in New Video

Portable has been in the news since his breakout song, Zazoo Zeh took to the airwaves. It comes at no surprise that he is back in the news again.

One of the people Portable name-dropped in his viral smashing debut Zazoo Zeh, was Promoter Kogbagidi, who has since fallen out of his good graces and he (Portable) is dragging him heavily again.

A video of Portable tongue giving Kogbagidi tongue lashing and using unprintable words for him has emerged on social media. He also called himself a superstar who gives Kogbagidi money, arranges apartments for him, and buys fuel inside his Benz. Portable finally declared that the promoter and his crew live fake lives in Lekki and revealed that he doesn’t have a home in Lagos.

Watch the video below:


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