WATCH: Fat Joe Constantly Reminds His Kids That He’s Not Diddy Or Jay-Z


New York Rap icon Fat Joe, recently sat down with the I Am Athlete podcast and during the chat, he spoke about the realities that come with fame, including being honest with yourself and your loved ones.

We often think of the children of celebrities as a generation who have enjoyed the benefits of their parents’ successes. It is simple to find kids of rappers flaunting their rich and wealthy lifestyles on social media or courtesy of the paparazzi who snap photos of them on an exotic vacation or purchasing expensive jewelry. While those times are true for famous families Fat Joe made it clear that he makes sure in his home, everyone knows the truth of their financial situation.

“You should never lie to yourself. Don’t even lie to your family. I tell my wife, I tell my kids, we are not Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs or Shawn Carter, Jay-Z,” said Joe. “One day my son, he was like, nineteen, he’s like, ‘Yo dad, look at this!’ I look at it, he got Dr. Dre son on a private plane, you got Jay-Z. He’s like, ‘This is how the sons are moving now!'”

“I was like, ‘You ain’t f*ckin’ movin’!'” joked the rapper. “We ain’t got that sh*t! So, stop lookin’ at them motherf*ckas and stay the course! Stay in your lane, because a lotta—it can be women, too—but a lotta men lose themselves by not trying to Keep it real with themselves.”

Check out the clip of Fat Joe on I Am Athlete, as well as the full interview, below:


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