WATCH: Don Jazzy’s Ex-Wife Reveals Why Their Marriage Crashed

Ex-Wife to Mavin Records boss Don Jazzy, Michelle Jackson has revealed why her marriage to Don Jazzy which lasted for two years; crashed.
Don Jazzy
(L-R) Michelle Jackson, Don Jazzy

The singer and model made the revelation in an interview with Naija102.7fm, where she answered questions about her music, marriage to Don Jazzy, and her Impression of Nigerian Men.

According to her, she and Don Jazzy dated for a while and got married. She also revealed that they were married for 2 years. Regarding how the marriage crashed, she said:

“Don Jazzy is music and I have said to him many times, he doesn’t just have a talent; he’s got a gift. He just needed to go and be himself, go and do his music. Music kinda got in the way of the relationship. We were very young as well, if I was in the same situation now, it would have been very different… We were both pursuing our music at the same time and then he got discovered by JJC Skils, and then it took him out of the house more… He was very into the music…”

Watch the video below:

Watch the full interview below:


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