Wande Coal Stole His Latest Single ‘Baby Face’ From Me – Don Jazzy | Listen To Don Jazzy’s Version | Wande Responds


Literally just over 2 hours ago, Wande Coal dropped a new single off his upcoming album under his new Black Diamond label, titled Baby Face.

I’m sure the song hasn’t even finished playing on some people’s iphones and S4s, and we have very controversial news coming from Wande’s former boss, Don Jazzy.

Don Jazzy has come out to accuse Wande of intellectual property theft, and you have to say it’s very very VERY difficult not to see the similarities or just straight up lift from Don Jazzy’s own version. Don Jazzy has stated that he recorded his version over a year ago

Listen to Don Jazzy’s version here: https://soundcloud.com/mavinrecords/babyface

Wande Coal’s version: http://www.jaguda.com/2013/11/05/new-music-wande-coal-baby-face/




Don Jazzy and Wande Coal parted ways earlier this year but from all accounts it was cordial and was free from controversy – at least to the public. This will definitely bring out some things to the limelight.


Update 6:05pm November 5th, 2013:

So Wande has taken to twitter to respond to Don Jazzy and his claims. Check out the tweets





Update: 7:26pm November 5th, 2013

Don Jazzy has again responded to Wande’s tweets with this to say. Even saying he could shut him down with one call. Wow!






  1. Wande did a lot for them. Why did Don Jazzy try to stop him from shinning? Why can’t he settle it in private? Don Jazzy is trying to be a bully here


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