VIDEO: Tiwa Savage Speaks on Working with Beyonce, Rape Culture, Nigerian Politics and Lots More

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As we anticipate the release of her forthcoming album, Celia, Tiwa Savage sheds more light on her life, background, and career.

Afrobeat star, Tiwa Savage was recently a guest on the HOT97FM radio show “Ebro in the Morning”- an American radio show based in New York City hosted by Ebro Darden, Peter Rosenberg, and Laura Stylez.

On the show, Tiwa discusses several topics including her journey into music, getting the opportunity to work with Beyoncé, the worldwide popularity of Afrobeat, being vocal about rape and sexual assault culture in Nigeria, and which country has the best Jollof rice.

Speaking about how she got to work with Beyonce she said she initially thought it was a scam, so she ignored it for days until other people started saying they also received the same email and she was called to authenticate the message. She said “I was on the plane the next to LA… I was like, I was ready!”

Speaking on the rape culture in Nigeria, Tiwa said;

“It wasn’t really something I planned, it was during this lockdown… I think it’s because of the lockdown we were paying a lot of attention to the news rather than before where you would’ve just gone about your day.

But you’re at home 24/7 you’re seeing tweets about people getting raped and it was just a lot, it was heavy on my heart and I was just like #WeAreTired, this is unbelievable, so I started tweeting and it just started trending and at that moment I realized that it can’t just be a trend, I have to do something more because I have a platform and it shouldn’t just be for music, because young kids are watching me, sending me DMs… and they’re people really hurting.

So I just spoke to my team that we have to do more. When this hashtag is over, these young girl’s lives; what happens to them? So it was just that moment. it was just heavy on me…”

She also talked about the meaning behind her song Koroba, one of the singles off the Celia album, revealing that it is a political statement, a message for corrupt leaders and politicians.

Watch the interview below:

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