VIDEO: Speed Darlington Furious With Tunde Ednut For Days


The brawl between Speed Darlington and Instagram sensation, Tunde Ednut, seems to be worsening by the day.

The Bang-Da-Da-Dang crooner has released series of ‘name-calling’ videos calling out Tunde.

What may have angered Speedy is the fact that Tunde mentioned he brought the singer to lime light. According to Tunde, he has been promoting the singer and deserves ‘thank you’ rather than insults.

Speedy had released a video saying he never asked Tunde to promote him and deserves not praises for doing so.

The singer further threatened saying he could target the Instagram promoter spiritually.

He warned Tunde never to post videos of him or else, his wrath would get to him.

Speedy, has been in Nigeria where he performed in different shows. The singer has visited Lagos, Jos and the East. It was evident that the singer has a sizable amount of followers as fans sang along as he performed.

See videos of Speedy warning Tunde Ednut;


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