VIDEO: Seun Kuti calls Wizkid FC ‘Buhari’s Children’; dares them

Seun Kuti and Wizkid
Seun Kuti and Wizkid

Seun Kuti is far from letting go, the ‘altercation’ between himself and Wizkid FC.

In a recent post seen online, the singer called Wizkid FC “Buhari’s children” and dared them to build a school in Shitta, Lagos – Nigeria.

“If you love Wizkid, I dare you, I dare you, go to Shitta. Open a primary school in the name of Wizkid,” Seun said.

He bragged about having a football academy in his name which helps young Nigerian talents fulfill their dreams.

“I only have 225k followers but we have FC, our own no be fans oh but we have FC., Black House FC.”

He also said they spent over 4.6m annually on the boys and do not collect a dime from them.

For some time now, Seun Kuti and the Wizkid FC, had been at loggerheads. They came at the Seun for taking jabs at Wizkid’s Grammy win.

Samklef, a music producer, also called out Seun and asked him to calm down.

Watch video below.


  1. Oga, don’t hate wizkid because all fingers are not equal. U are not up to wizkid in any level so keep your head in one place.

    • Don’t be an ignorance man. He was only clarifying what those ignorance called Wizkid FC really didn’t know. Ain’t flabbergasted, most of these guys reffered to themselves as Wizkid FC are illiterates; they don’t even know the beginning of the gist and why Seen had to make clarification on Wizkid’s award. Wizkid is nothing to Seun when it comes to hatred, Know this and know peace.

  2. Lol. Battle of the greatest. We only know Fela & Femi Kuti. Wizkid is a great artist and known World over. We can’t say abt this one looking for cheap popularity. What is his name again?

  3. Seun should learn that the father already made a place for hus chuldren in Afro musuc, high up there. All they need to do is keep themselves there and be focused. Seun trying to be Fela by force wont work, Fela didnt force himself there, he was original. So trying to get at Buhari rudely in his utterances will definitely find him enemies. Seun’s background is already made compared to Whiz kid’s but he’s screwing it fast with hus attitudes and too much talk. See Femi and Yeni keepung it d way it should be.


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