Ubi Franklin Reacts To Waje’s Recent Outburst; Offering A Helping Hand?


Triple MG boss has reacted to Waje’s recent outburst, describing the situation as “sad”.

Waje has been the trend on social media after she announced she could not carry on with the music business. According to the singer, her music career had eaten up all her time and resources. She just could not invest in it any longer.

Ubi reacted to Ayo’s comment, a popular music blogger who said he was pained by the development. He blamed the poorly structured music industry in Nigeria as part of Waje’s travails.

“That Waje Video Enter me , I’m acc pained for her .. in a well structured music industry, she is rich AF,” he wrote.

Ubi responded saying; “Ayo it’s really sad. This is the reason why when labels spend money on a talent and he/she leaves the label it’s always bad time for the label, it’s not easy to fund music. Waje is her own label she spends on everything herself so I can imagine what she is going through.”

“Waje works really hard. I have been in different studio sessions with her, she won’t leave that studio if the song doesn’t sound right or she gets wheat she wants. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to be the Artiste and the Label (singing and looking for money for promotion #tough.”

Would Ubi Franklin be offering a helping hand to Waje considering he has a music label?

Ubi has been criticized by his former label mate, Iyanya, for shortchanging him during his time with Triple MG. Both Ubi and Iyanya have been at loggerheads as they share their sides of the story.


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