Twitter Reactions To The Burna Boy Pregnancy Scandal

burna boy pregnancy

Over the past 24 hour the heat has been turned up on Burna Boy, as the girl who claims to be pregnant for Burna Boy came out to say that Burna attempted to beat her up to shut her up. Burna is a freestyle came out and said he only slept with her once. *face palm*

The girl goes by the name Uju Stella, and she has allegedly been trying to get Burna to take responsility for the child in her womb, but has had no luck. For those that follow her instagram page, she’s been posting about it constantly. For those that don’t know what she looks like, her are some pictures of her:




Needless to say it’s been the talk of social media over the past 24 hours, and you already know Nigerians never shy away from getting their troll on when controversy arises. Here are some of the reactions to the latest development:




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