Tunde of Styl-plus Finally Reveals Why He Left The Group


tunde of styl plus

There were plenty rumors as to why Tunde left Styl-Plus a few years ago, and pretty much confirmed the demise of one of the hottest groups in modern day Nigerian music. Tunde has come to say exactly why it happened.

See statement below:

Why did you leave? I have tried to answer this question in so many diplomatic ways without divulging unnecessary details but then answer has brought out more questions like “why didn’t I work on my solo project and still remain in the group like its being done on the international scene with the likes of Boyz2Men,the Commodores, Destiny’s Child and many more international group acts? Questions flying from all directions have informed me to come out straight to tell it as it is because I need to carry the fans along.

In 2012. I tried taking my clothing company (nativeBoy) ambitions a notch higher by launching it out in Asia and doing a song titled “in your eyes”to support it. It apparently didn’t go down well with the members of my group.

Being in a group involves a whole lot more dynamics than meets the eye due to differences in personalities, goals and expectations. These. differences get more pronounced over time and like old wine become more distinct in taste.
Boy bands were not designed to last forever for boys become men and being a man brings with it more responsibilities and an unction for a definite direction.

Well there you have it. The real reason Tunde left the group.



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