Trybe Records Presents “Na Who Dey Help Am.” A Question For The Ladies

Trybe Records 2.0
Trybe Records 2.0

This is quite hilarious, and we hope it’s all taken in good light, but the folks at Trybes Records have released a skit for a trending topic yesterday #NaWhoDeyHelpAm. Apparently questioning girls with no real source of income but somehow acquiring the latest and greatest in materials things.

The Trybe Records crew, the originators of yesterday’s hilarious #NaWhoDeyHelpAm trend, have decided to share the audio for the skit that got the whole of Nigeria talking. After a late night session in Iman Studios with the crew, eLDee, Sarz, K9, and Rukus get on the mic to question many well-to-do girls who seem to find ways to “magically” have what most desire,..”Na Who Dey Help Am”?

P.S. – Don’t get too upset ladies – look for a part 2 to address the guys coming soon…





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